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So you are looking to find marriage records in Clark County Nevada. You may want to know if someone you know just got married in Las Vegas or you could just want a copy of a marriage certificate. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how to find Clark County marriage records online or in person.

Clerk Services

  • A Marriage License allows a couple to marry in the state but it is not proof of marriage. If you need proof of marriage, you can order a certified copy of your marriage certificate online from our website.
    Marriage license records may be searched using our online search feature.

Clark County Clerk’s Office Record Search System

  • Search for marriage records in Clark County online. Search for marriage records by name and or date range. Also general information on how to obtain certified copies of marriage licenses etc.

Clark County Public Records Search

  • Search for various public records in Clark County Nevada. You can search for marriage certificates, marriage licenses, and other marriage records.

Marriage Records Resources

  • Various links and resources on how to obtain a marriage record in Las Vegas and Clark County.

Using the resources above you can find marriage records in Clark County. You can check if someone got married in Vegas or get a certified copy of your marriage certificate. This makes it easy to find out if a person is married and to get a record of the marriage online or in person.