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You’re here because you want to check arrest warrants in Ada County Idaho. You may want to see if you have a warrant for your arrest or if someone else has an outstanding warrant. Regardless of why you’re looking for arrest warrants in Ada County, we will help you to do an arrest warrant search.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Warrant Search

  • This arrest warrant database search contains┬ávalid arrest warrants through the Ada County Sheriff’s Office for traffic or criminal offenses. Persons having warrants are subject to arrest upon contact by law enforcement officers. This list does not include juvenile offenders.

Wanted Suspects in Southwest Idaho

  • When visiting the CrimeStoppers website you can see people who are wanted for their connections in crimes in the state of Idaho. You can see why the person is wanted, view their name and mugshots.

Ada County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

  • Local and crime-related news posted on Facebook. You can see who is wanted in Ada County, mugshots of criminals, who’s a suspect in a crime and more.

Crime Stoppers Most Wanted

  • On the Boise Idaho website, you can view people who are still wanted and those that have been arrested.

With a little time and patience and the resources above you can do a warrant search in Ada County Idaho. You can see who is on the most wanted list, search the arrest warrant database by name and see who has an active outstanding warrant for their arrest. If you have any other questions you should contact your local law enforcement officials. However, I feel that with the links above you will be able to find warrants with no problem.