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How Do I Find The Owner of a Phone Number

How Do I Find The Owner of a Phone Number

Have you ever gotten a phone call and wanted to know who was calling you? Perhaps you didn’t get to make it to the phone, and the person didn’t leave you a message. Maybe they hung up on you when you answered or left you a strange message. The good news is that you can find out quite a bit about who called you.

How Do I Find the Owner of a Phone Number?

A reverse phone lookup is the best way to answer the question, “How can I find out who called me?” All you need to have to perform such a lookup is the phone number that called you. You need only to enter the phone number data, and the system will start looking for the information that you need. Therefore, make sure that you keep the phone call history and do not delete the number that you want to trace and you can also find someone’s phone number by their name.

What Other Information Can I get?

The information that you get depends on which site you use and how much you spend. If you want to know who owns this phone number that called you, you will probably have to pay for a deeper turnaround of information. The most basic number lookups will give you the location of the phone service, the type of phone the individual used and perhaps the carrier. If you want more information such as the name or address information of the person who called, then you may have to pay a one-time fee. Alternatively, you can sign up for a membership with some of these sites, and the membership will give you access to a certain number of searches each month. You can choose such a plan if you’re going to conduct many searches.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price to check phone number owner name varies. Many free basic searches are available for free. Some companies are more accurate than others are, but they can help you to get an idea of who is calling you. The detailed searches vary in price from $1 for a promotion, to $29.99 a month for a plan. There are many sites from which you may choose one that fits your needs and your situation the best.

How Do I Begin?

You can start your search today by doing an internet search for reverse phone look up. Your search will return several results, and then you can use those to find the best information system to use for what you want to know. Some searches can give you the caller’s complete address. However, you should perform research on the company before you pay them for searching so that you make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that has information that’s up to date. Now you know how to find out who owns the phone that called you. You’ll never be left feeling confused about such things again.

How To Find Someone’s New Phone Number

How To Find Someone’s New Phone Number

People change their phone numbers all the time. Most will try to keep their old number if they can, but that may not always be an option. If they lost their phone or switched to a new carrier, they could end up needing to switch their number. Or there’s the possibility that they wanted a new number for some reason – perhaps to get a fresh start or to have a local area code after moving.

If someone you know got a new phone number and forgot to tell you, there are ways to find a number that has been changed, including:

Here’s more information on how each method works.

Checking Social Media to Find Someone’s New Number

The simplest method on how to get someone’s new number if they changed it is to check their social media, specifically their Facebook. Many Facebook users list their phone number with their account, especially since Facebook is always asking you to provide a phone number for your profile.

To find a number this way, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to that person’s profile.
  2. Click About.
  3. Click Contact and Basic Info.

If the person has chosen to provide their phone number to Facebook and make it public, then it will be listed under the Contact Information heading.

There are a few potential complications with this method. There is the possibility that the person hasn’t put their phone number on Facebook, or that they have but it’s their old number because they haven’t updated it yet. And even if they have tied their phone number to their Facebook account, they may have kept it private.

Of course, once you’ve found them on Facebook or any other social media site, you can always just send them a message asking for their new number.

Using Search Engines

Search engines can be hit or miss for finding people’s phone numbers. People typically try to avoid sharing their phone numbers online, which means that you’ll often come up with nothing. Still, it’s worth a try, as you may get lucky and find what you’re looking for.

The most effective way to find a phone number by name using a search engine is to simply search for the person’s name combined with the words “phone number.” The person may have provided their phone number online at some point, perhaps in a social media post that’s open to the public.

If you have the person’s old phone number, another option is to search for their name combined with that phone number. This could pull up profiles on any sites they use or databases where they’re listed. When you find someone with their old number, you can sometimes also see their new number in the process.

Try using a few different search engines, as you could get different results. You don’t need to use every search engine ever created, but it’s smart to use multiple options and go a couple pages deep on each of them.

Entering Their Information into People Search Websites

A people search website will typically give you the most comprehensive information about the person you’re looking for. is among the best options for both the quality of its information and because it’s available for a nominal fee.

There are a couple ways you could try finding someone’s new phone number using this site. You could search under the Name tab and enter the person’s first name, last name, city and state, or as much of that information as you have.

Another option would be to search under the Phone tab and enter their old phone number to do a reverse lookup on them. This may bring up more of their personal information, and you could even find new cell phone number with old one. Even if their new phone number isn’t listed there, the information you get on them could help you figure out where exactly they’re currently located and run a new search using their name and location.

Finding a New Phone Number Can Be Challenging

You’ll likely have more luck finding someone’s new phone number if it’s a landline than if it’s a cell phone number, because landlines are public records unless the person goes through steps to make their number private. With cell phone numbers, this isn’t the case.

Still, you can find a new cell phone number by going through the procedure above. Give social media, search engines and a people search site a try to see what you can pull up. If you don’t have any luck, the next step would be finding another way to contact them, such as a message on social media or an email.

Who Is Calling Me From a Restricted Number

Who Is Calling Me From a Restricted Number

Caller ID is a helpful feature that most smartphones have. After all, what’s worse than getting a call from someone you don’t know? However, you’re still bound to get a few calls from restricted numbers. If you find yourself asking, “who keeps calling me from a restricted number?” you will want to keep reading. Below, we’ll talk about how to identify a restricted number the next time someone tries calling your number.

What’s a Restricted Number?

A restricted number is a type of phone number that doesn’t show up on Caller ID. However, depending on what kind of phone service you have, it may show up as restricted, private, or anonymous, as well. Here are a few methods a caller can appear as restricted on a person’s Caller ID.

The first method works by dialing *67 before entering in the phone number when placing a call. This symbol and number combo will prevent your number from actually showing up on a person’s Caller ID. However, this won’t work on 911 or toll-free numbers.

The second method works by setting up a permanent Caller ID blocking feature. However, this usually depends on your phone service provider’s company policies. When you have permanent Caller ID blocking active, your name will remain restricted until you otherwise change it. But, you can turn the feature off if you dial *82 before placing a call.

Where Do Restricted Numbers Usually Come From?

Although virtually anyone can call from a restricted phone number, below are a few answers to the common question, “who called me restricted?”. Some frequent offenders include:

– Scammers
– Telemarketers
– Pranksters
– Debt collectors
– Stalkers

How to Find Out Who’s Calling You From a Restricted Number

If you get a call from a restricted number, you can take a few steps to figure out who tried to reach you:

1. Use a Specialized App or Service

Often enough, you can simply use an app or service to identify a restricted number. One helpful service that we can highly recommend is TrapCall. Once you get an unknown number trying to call you, decline the call, and TrapCall will uncover the hidden number to allow you to try calling them back. However, TrapCall also comes with other handy features, such as call recording and the ability to block restricted numbers.
Another service we suggest is Reverse Phone Lookup. Once you uncover a restricted number, enter the phone digits to reveal information on the owner of the account. However, it also includes other identifying information, such as:

– Photographs
– Current job position
Email address
– Facebook/Linkedin profile

2. Get the Police Involved

If the calls you are receiving from the unknown number reach the point of criminal activity, it might be time to involve the police. You should contact law enforcement if the calls are coming from somebody that you have a restraining order against or if non-stop calls constitute harassment in your area. On the other hand, you will find it difficult to get help from the police if the calls are not associated with a crime.
First, you will need to use Call Trace. Press *57 or 1157 on a rotary phone and follow the instructions as they are given. Call Trace will not provide you with the phone number but it will allow your phone company to view the number and occasionally the name and address of the unknown caller. You will need to contact your service provider to learn about your next steps. From there, you can involve law enforcement officials to determine where to go from there.

How To Block a Restricted Number

A lot of paid restricted call unmasking services offer you the opportunity to block calls from all restricted numbers. Some cellular service providers also offer similar services. However, the specifics of the program and the cost will depend on your service provider. For example, Verizon Wireless offers the Family Base program which blocks all calls from unknown numbers and costs only a few extra dollars per month.

How To Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

How To Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

A benefit of the advanced technology in today’s smartphones is that it has become much easier to track the location of those phones. Although cell phone tracking features are most commonly used to locate lost phones, you can also use them to:

• Keep an eye on your kids
• Monitor where employees with company phones go during work hours
• Gather evidence regarding if a significant other is cheating on you

There are several ways to track a cell phone with and without installing software. Here are the best:

  • Using the Phone’s Built-in Tracking Software

All the three major types of smartphones, which are the Android, the iPhone and the Windows Phone, have their own built-in tracking software. These are tied to the primary account that’s tied to the phone. For Androids, this will be a Google account. For iPhones, this will be an Apple iCloud account. For Windows Phones, this will be a Microsoft account.

Even though these are different types of phones, the process for tracking them using built-in software is similar among all of them. You will need to:

1. Log in to the account that’s tied to the phone.
2. Go to the Find My Phone section. This is easy to find.

The location of the phone will then be displayed on a map. Of course, to use this method, you will need the login credentials for the account that’s tied to the phone.

Installing Spy Software

If you can gain access to the phone, there are plenty of third-party apps you can install to track the phone and even provide more information on any activity that occurs on the phone, such as calls and messages. These apps run in the background but leave no trace of their activities for the user to notice, which means you can still track a cell phone location without them knowing.

Two of the more popular third-party tracking apps are:

• mSpy
• Family Tracker

Of the two, mSpy is certainly the more comprehensive option, as it logs almost all the activity on the phone. Family Tracker, on the other hand, is only a tracking software.

Tracking Phones on a Family Plan

If you’re the primary accountholder on a family plan, all four of the major carriers have services available to track the location of the other phones on your plan.

AT&T offer an app called AT&T FamilyMap. When you open the app, you can check the locations of all the phones on your family plan, along with their location history. You can also set this app up to notify you if one or more of the phones on your plan leave a certain area.

Sprint has an application suite available known as Guardian, and one of the apps in this suite is Sprint Family Locator. This app allows you to check the locations of phones on your plan from your phone or your computer. There’s also the option to get location updates periodically during the day.

Verizon also has an app called Family Locator. From your phone, you can check the location of other phones in your plan, and you can get location updates at automatic intervals throughout the day. Another feature with this app is hotspots that you set up. You’ll then get a notification when a person on your plan reaches or leaves those hotspot locations.

T-Mobile has an app called FamilyWhere. You can access it from your phone, computer or tablet. It allows you to check the locations of phones on your plan, see their location history for the previous seven days, schedule automatic location checks and receive notifications when one of the people on your plan visits a new place.

When Tracking Software Won’t Work

Although tracking software can be very effective, it isn’t foolproof, and there are a couple situations where it won’t work.

GPS obviously needs to be turned on for tracking software to locate a phone. If the user turned off GPS in their settings, you wouldn’t be able to track their location anymore. If the phone is turned off, that will also leave you unable to track it.

In these situations, the tracking software will display the last location is has for the phone.

Legal Concerns

It’s important to understand potential legal ramifications of tracking someone else’s cell phone. A cell phone is considered a type of computer in the eyes of the law, and accessing someone else’s computer without their permission is a crime. If the person gives you permission and you track a cell phone with them knowing, then you’re in the clear, but you’ll want to have proof of them giving you permission.

Now, if you own the phone and pay the bill for it, then you’re technically the owner, which gives you the legal right to track it as you please. This would apply if you have a family plan where you pay the bill and own all the phones or if you have employees and you issue them work phones that you pay for.

However, if you access a significant other’s phone without their permission and they pay the bill on it, then you’ve committed a crime.

The Best Way to Track a Cell Phone

Although these tracking methods work well, they all have their challenges. You either need access to the primary Google, iCloud or Microsoft account that’s tied to the phone, or you need access to the phone itself to install an app or you need to have the phone on your family plan.

These are the only options, though, as there isn’t a way to accurately track a cell phone by phone number alone. To figure out which option is right for you, consider which method will be easiest for your situation. If you have them on your family plan, that will likely be using your carrier’s family finder app. If you have access to the primary account tied to the phone, it will be simplest to track its location there. Otherwise, your best bet is installing a tracking app. Then if you want to go a bit deeper you can run a background report on someone and find out more about them and possibly uncover hidden profiles.

Find Out Who Your Wife Is Texting

Find Out Who Your Wife Is Texting

You might start noticing that your wife is spending too much time on her phone, texting, and laughing throughout the day. Dismissing it as having a good conversation with a friend is what all husbands do at first. However, it might become too much if it goes on for days without stopping. It might reach a point where you start feeling like something is off. You might be tempted to snoop around her phone, but then again, the chances of being caught doing so are quite high. In this article, we will discuss the signs your wife is cheating and how you can confirm this by accessing her messages.

Signs your Wife is Cheating

  • Loses Interest in Intimacy

Women are known to be quite intimate with the people they love. They expect their partners or husbands to be attentive to them when it comes to such matters. If your wife, all of a sudden, becomes distant here, then that is the most obvious sign that something is amiss.

Whether they like it or not, a majority of females are wired to crave attention and respect from their husbands. If she starts acting like it is no longer necessary for you to attend to her emotional needs, then she is getting the attention from someone else.

  • Her Phone is Password Protected

Married people should be open with each other regarding all aspects of their lives. Unless there is a prior agreement, marriages stop working when either the wife or husband starts keeping secrets from each other. Phone passwords are supposed to protect your information from the rest of the world. If her phone is password protected and she seems hesitant about giving it the code to you, the chances are that she is cheating.

Another situation is where she keeps changing her access codes. If she gives you the password today, then the next time out try accessing her phone it does not work, that should alert you that something is wrong.

  • Starts Working Late

Putting in some extra hours at work once in a while is okay and normal. But, if your wife starts getting late more often and always says she was at work, then you should look into it immediately. If she is spending more hours away from home, she could be with someone who feels like home to her.

What you should look out for here is whether she seems agitated by how long she has to work. If she complains about the working hours, does it sound genuine? Does she look tired and worn out due to working non-stop for several days? If the answers to these questions do not sit right with you, then it is time to find out the truth.

  • She Starts Looking Good all the Time.

Taking care of your appearance like all the time is normal when you first start dating. You want your partner to like how you look and even throw a compliment your way every time. With time, however, this changes. People start getting comfortable around each other and start caring less of how they look unless they are dressing up for a function.

If you had reached such a point with your wife when she suddenly seems to always have her make-up on and her dressing becomes more fashionable, it should make the alarms in your head go off. Her appearance has improved because she is trying to please someone and if that someone is not you, then the chances are she is cheating on you.

  • Her background Report has some Suspicious Activities.

The first place husbands go to check when they start suspecting their wives are cheating is social media. If your wife was previously uninterested in social media and then you realize she seems very keen on uploading photos or updating her status, then something is happening. She might also be friends with people you have never met or heard of before, and these people might pop up in her pictures. These are signs of cheating and you need to find out the truth as soon as possible.

Who is your Wife Texting?

If she is cheating, then the most obvious place to check is her text messages. Something in her texts might affirm your suspicions, so you need to find a way of reading them. You can figure out who your wife is texting pretty easily. Find a way of accessing her phone and quickly but attentively look at the messages. If there seem to be unsaved numbers, which have been texted more often, note them down somewhere. Also, check for gaps in messages which indicate parts of conversations have been deleted.

Yes, this is detective work, so you need to be smart. You might think of confronting her but this will only spook her, and you might never find out the truth. There is also the chance that nothing is happening and a confrontation might just make things worse in your relationship. To put your mind at ease, use a reverse phone number lookup service. Such services are numerous on the internet, so do not give up if the first few do not bring up any answers.

You can also find an application that will make it easy for you to spy on text messages being sent to her. They will alert you every time she sends or receives texts and you will be able to read them. When you discover that a certain number seems to text her more often and the messages seem suggestive, you can trace text messages to the owner.

Finding out their identity will make it easier for you to do a background check on them and know how exactly they know your wife. After you discover the truth, it is up to you to know what you are going to do next. In case divorce seems like the only option, you out have enough proof to take to court. If, however, you decide to confront her and find a way of solving your problems, figure out a practical plan before going to her with your findings.

Who Is My Girlfriend Texting?

Who Is My Girlfriend Texting?

“Why’s My Girlfriend on Her Phone So Much Lately?”

It’s a common situation when you’re in a relationship, especially once you get past that blissful honeymoon stage. You start noticing that your girlfriend is spending quite a bit of time on her phone. Even though you don’t have any solid evidence that there’s something going on, you have a gut feeling making you wary. Perhaps you’ve seen some troubling warning signs: your girlfriend is more protective of your phone, or she’s always eager to respond to texts while she’s with you, even though she often leaves you hanging when you text her.

You’re likely curious “who is my GF texting?” On the one hand, you don’t want to look paranoid. On the other, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, as the saying goes.

So, maybe you try to sneak a glance at your girlfriend’s phone when she gets a message or when she’s typing a text. But then she’s mad at you for not giving her any privacy.

“Who’s Texting My Girlfriend?”

Eventually, you’ll reach the stage most men would – you want to know what’s going on, and you’re willing to snoop to find out. When your girlfriend is preoccupied or taking a nap, you grab her phone to do some digging. The first stop is the photos, hoping there aren’t any saved pictures of other guys.

You don’t find anything there, but you still want to find out who your girlfriend is texting.

When you check her text messages, there’s no glaring incriminating evidence, but the content also doesn’t exactly put you at ease. Something just seems off about these texts and who they’re coming from. It could be that your girlfriend has one or more conversations going on with unsaved numbers, which is always a bad sign. Or she could have conversations with friends that you’ve never heard of.

Although her texts aren’t flirtatious, the dialogue doesn’t look right, as if your girlfriend has deleted certain messages. And considering how frequently she is texting while she’s with you, the number of messages you see here just doesn’t add up.

You did this to get some peace of mind, and now you only have more questions. You’re starting to panic, but if there’s a reasonable explanation, the last thing you want is to accuse your girlfriend and make her angry.

That’s when you get the idea to do a reverse phone lookup on any suspicious numbers and contacts.

See Who She’s Texting

You may be unsure of doing this at first. You’ve never been the jealous type, and you don’t like how crazy you’ve gotten about this.

But that nagging feeling just won’t go away, and you need to know who this person she’s texting is.

You figure that you’ve feel much better knowing, and you start looking for reverse phone number lookup services. You’re not sure which one is the right choice, though, and when you run a search, many of the results don’t look legit.

So, what are you going to do?

Finding Out Who She Is Texting Free of Charge!

When your girlfriend has been texting a number you don’t recognize, what you should do first is go on social media and perform a search for it. This is one of the fastest and simplest ways to find out who the person is, and you may solve your problem then and there. However, if the owner of the phone number hasn’t connected it to any social media accounts, then that won’t work, and you need to try something new.

With, you can trace a phone number from anywhere in the United States and get comprehensive results in just minutes. These results can include:
• Contact information
Property records
Arrest records
Criminal backgrounds

You’ll be able to find out exactly who your girlfriend is texting, along with their background.

When you suspect your girlfriend of cheating, it’s important to gather plenty of evidence before confronting her. gives you the evidence you need to ask the tough questions and ensure you get honest answers.

Final Thoughts

No one thinks their partner will cheat, but unfortunately, it happens all the time. Here are some of the red flags that indicate your girlfriend may be cheating or considering it:
• She’s on her phone much more often than usual
• She put a password on her phone out of the blue or will never show you the screen anymore
• She’s busy much more often
• There are men’s clothes or other personal items in her home and they don’t belong to you
• Her sheets or clothes smell like a men’s fragrance that you don’t use
• She’s more interested in fitness or fashion than she was before
• She’s paranoid that you’ve been cheating (this is called projection, and it’s common among cheaters)

If you think something is wrong, then it’s time to act. If your girlfriend is demonstrating any red flags, go to to see if your suspicions are correct!

How To Find Out Who Texted Me?

How To Find Out Who Texted Me?

It can be frustrating when you get text messages from a number you don’t recognize. If the person seems like they know you, then you may not want to admit that you don’t know who it is. Or, if you keep getting random messages, you’re probably asking yourself “who keeps texting me?”

The good news is that there are a few effective ways to find the owner of a phone number right away. By going through the methods below, you can get all the information you need on who has been texting you.

Searching the Number on Facebook

Considering how many people connect their phone numbers to their social media accounts, your first stop should be Facebook. The site also prompts its users to connect their phone numbers periodically if they haven’t already, making it more likely your mystery number will have someone’s account tied to it.

All you need to do is enter the phone number you want to look up in the search bar. If it’s tied to an account, that account will pop up, unless the user has adjusted their privacy settings to avoid these kinds of searches.

Even if the phone number isn’t connected to an account, you could still find its owner if there have been any public posts with the phone number in them. Although it’s less common now for people to publicly post their phone numbers on Facebook, it happened more frequently years ago.

Since there weren’t cloud services at the time to back up phone contacts, people would often create groups to notify friends when they lost phone numbers. Those friends would then respond by posting their phone numbers. You may find one of these posts when you search for a phone number on Facebook, although it’s important to note that if the post is from years ago, the number could be tied to someone new by now.

Using Google to Search for the Number

Google is a powerful search engine, and you can sometimes trace a phone number just by Googling it. Plug the phone number into Google and see what results come up.

You’re most likely to find the owner this way if the phone number is tied to any sort of business, although this method can also work if the owner of the number has their own personal website and included the number in their contact page.

Even if you don’t find the owner’s identity right away through a Google search, you could find valuable information by combing through the search results. For example, you may find the number on a site that logs spam numbers, in which case you can assume that the message you received was probably some sort of scam.

Google can work well for tracking down the name behind a phone number, but it doesn’t always come through. If you can’t find much information on the first two or three pages of the search results, it’s likely a waste of time to look through any more of them, and you should move on to another method.

Performing a Reverse Phone Lookup 

You’ll get the most comprehensive information on who’s texting you when you search for the phone number owner by name in question using From the site’s homepage, click the Phone tab at the top to switch to that search method, enter the number in the search bar, and then click Search.

Using, you’re able to search phone numbers from anywhere in the 50 states and uncover a substantial amount of information in minutes. You can get contact information, including the owner’s full name and address. can also provide property records, arrest records and criminal backgrounds.

Whether the two methods above didn’t work or you just want to get more information, can tell you everything you need to know about an unknown number that has been texting you.

Tracking Down Numbers You Don’t Recognize

Of course, you can always try the direct approach and simply ask who’s texting you if the message seemed legitimate. You may find that it was just a wrong number, or it was someone you know whose number you didn’t have saved.

Sometimes messages seem shady, though, and you want to get more information on who you would be talking to before you respond. Or you could send a reply, and then hear nothing back from the sender, leaving you wondering what’s going on.

That’s where some online sleuthing on your part can come in handy. With Facebook, Google and at your disposal, you’re equipped with all the tools you need to pull up more information on numbers you don’t recognize.

Who is My BF Texting?

Who is My BF Texting?

“My Boyfriend is Always On His Phone. What Gives?”

It starts out with a gut feeling you can’t explain away. You know something isn’t quite right, but you have no hard evidence. But gradually, the warning signs start to pile up: Your boyfriend isn’t as attentive as usual, he stops responding to your texts as promptly as he used to, and all of a sudden he’s strangely protective of his phone. He claims he’s just busy with work, but that anxious feeling won’t go away.

Who is my BF texting?” you wonder. “Am I just being paranoid? Or do I have a cheating boyfriend?”

He never used to spend much time on his phone, but now he’s texting almost non-stop. You try to peek over his shoulder once or twice, but he always hides the screen from you.

“Is it so much to ask for a little privacy?” he demands. You know he’s annoyed with you for being nosy, but that gut feeling just won’t go away. You’re sure that something is wrong.

“Who Texted My Boyfriend?”

Curiosity gets the better of you, and you decide to snoop. You wait until your boyfriend is in the shower or sleeping soundly next to you and you pick up his phone. First you scroll through his photo gallery, crossing your fingers that yours are the only pictures he’s saved.

“Nothing to see here,” you think, “but I better find out who he is texting, just to be safe.”

You read through his text messages, and although you see nothing damning, you’re alarmed to find dozens and dozens of texts from several unsaved numbers. Your stomach drops. This isn’t a new phone, and you know your boyfriend diligently saves his friends’ contact info. Does this mean he’s been lying to you all along?

None of the texts are obviously flirtatious, but you notice there are weird gaps in the dialogue, as though he deleted some of the messages. At this point, you’re panicking. “Who is he texting?!” you want to scream, but you don’t want to seem like a crazy person. What if it’s just a big misunderstanding? You want to confront him, but if he finds out you snooped it could ruin your relationship.

Then you have an idea: Maybe you could look the phone number up online and find out who they belong to!

See Who They Are Texting

“No, that would be crazy,” you tell yourself. You’ve never been a jealous girlfriend before, and you definitely aren’t the type to spy on your boyfriend.

But you just have to know.

To put your mind at ease, you decide to use a reverse phone number lookup service, but you don’t know which one to choose. You type “how to see who my boyfriend is texting” into your search engine, but most of the results seem sketchy.

So what are your options?

Answering the Question “Who Are They Texting” for Free!

If your boyfriend has been texting an unknown number, one of the easiest and most common ways to find out who it belongs to is to search for it on social media. But if the phone number isn’t connected to a social media account, you’ve hit a dead end. Fortunately, you have another option. lets you search phone numbers from all fifty states and yields the most comprehensive results available. Within minutes, you can uncover a wealth of contact information, property records, and even arrest records and criminal backgrounds. Not only can you find out exactly who your boyfriend has been texting, you can learn everything you could possibly want to know about their history and character.

If you suspect your partner has been cheating, you want as much hard evidence on your side as possible before you confront him. will empower you to ask the hard questions—and settle for nothing but honest answers.

Final Thoughts

Here are some red flags to watch out for if you suspect your boyfriend has been unfaithful:

  • Spending much more time on his phone than usual
  • Suddenly password-protecting his phone or refusing to show you the screen
  • A sudden spike in “business trips” or vacations out of town
  • Finding clothing or personal items in his apartment that don’t belong to you
  • Smelling another woman’s fragrance on his clothes or sheets
  • A sudden interest in fitness, grooming, and fashion that he never showed before
  • Paranoia that you may have been unfaithful to him (cheating partners will frequently project their guilty consciences onto others)

Don’t wait for heartbreak to catch you by surprise. If your boyfriend has been showing signs of infidelity, visit and find out exactly what he’s been up to!

Find Someone’s Phone Number By Name

Find Someone’s Phone Number By Name

You’re here because most likely you want to find a phone number with only the person’s name. You could have lost touch with the person a long time ago and now you want to know what their new phone number is. You could also want to see if you’re right about the number that has been calling you or someone you know. Only you may know why you want to search for a phone number by a person’s name. Either way, regardless of your reason I will show you how you can find a phone number online today.

First off, you will need to conduct a name search at which is a public records database. This record database contains millions of phone records that are easily searchable. The cost is only a few dollars and you can perform unlimited phone number searches and also background reports on anyone. So when you find the phone number that you’re looking for you can also conduct a background search on them and find out their address, email address, criminal history, social profiles and more. This saves you a lot of time and will ease your mind when you find the phone number and person that you’re looking for.

Ok, now that I’m in the member’s area I will conduct a background search on the person that I want the phone number of.

phone number search by name


Once you search for the person that you want the phone number of then you will see some results that contain the person’s name, age, and addresses. Find the one that is the best match of the person you want the phone number of.

cell phone number search by name


Once you find the person that you’re looking for then click view details and you’ll be shown their background report which will contain phone numbers that have been registered to the person. Just click the phone numbers tab or scroll through the report. You can also see the person’s address, if the person is married, date of birth, criminal history, social profiles and much more.

phone number results


Ok, so now I’ve clicked on the phone numbers tab in the background report. As you can see there are 5 phone numbers listed under this person’s name. The report shows when the phone number was reported so you can be sure to get an up to date phone number for the person you’re looking for.

phone numbers


As you can see this was a quick search that took only a couple of minutes to find the person’s phone number using their name. What is even better is you can conduct unlimited phone searches and even background reports on anyone that you like. This saves a lot of time trying to find a person’s phone number for free online using other websites. Most free ways to find people’s phone numbers are very limited and end up leading to a pay site anyway. With you only pay a few dollars and you can do unlimited phone number and background searches on any phone number and person.

Find Out Who a Cell Phone Number Belongs To

Find Out Who a Cell Phone Number Belongs To

You’re here because most likely you want to learn how to find out who a cell phone number belongs to, am I right? You may want to know who owns a cell phone number because they keep calling and harassing you or because they keep calling or texting your boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe it’s your husband or wife this person keeps calling. Whatever the reason may be I can help you find the name of the person that keeps calling.

Here’s what you do. You gain access to a public records database that features reverse cell phone searches. You will have to become a member for a few dollars, but that’s nothing compared to the time you’ll save and the information you’ll gain. Not to mention you can perform unlimited cell phone lookups so if another phone number calls you then you can look that number up to and find out who they are.

Now that I’m in the member’s area all I have to do is choose phone lookup, type the phone number in and hit search now.

cell phone lookup


Remember you can do unlimited phone number lookups and you also have access to run background reports, address searches and more. So when you find out who the person is that called, you can then run a background search on them and find out where they live, what they do for a living, if they have a criminal history, view social profiles of them and more. So not only will you have the name of the person but many more details as well.

Ok, so now I ran a number search on a person, and this is what I got back. This phone number lookup will search cell and landline phone numbers.

phone number search results


You will see the person’s name and address. You can also run a quick background report on this person by clicking view now under background report. Once you click view now, you will need to confirm the person’s address again just to make sure it’s the person you’re looking for.


Once you confirm it’s the same address that’s listed on the cell phone lookup page, then click view details.


Now you can see the person’s email address, property address, social profiles, relatives, criminal history and much more. So not only will you be able to find out who a cell phone number belongs to you can also find the person’s address and know about their past. What’s even better is you can do unlimited cell phone searches anytime you want for whatever reason.

Who Called Me?

Who Called Me?

Whose phone number is this?… This is all too common of a question these days. I will show you some free and paid ways to find out who called you. You can easily learn how to trace a phone number that’s been calling you, find out who someone has been texting and also block those spam numbers from calling you again.

1.) Caller ID (free-sorta) Must give out your phone number and other access to your data

Hiya - caller id





  • I’m assuming most of you have a smart phone so the most obvious first thing you should do is have caller ID on your phone. Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) is a real dope, useful caller ID. Great for an extra layer of caller identification. Great app to see who is calling you.

a.) Identifies unknown calls and texts

b.) Detects spam and scam phone calls

c.) Provides spam and scam phone call reporting

d.) Automatically blocks unwanted calls

e.) Perform a reverse phone search on an unknown number to find out if it is spam, fraudulent, or a legitimate caller.

2.) Google Search 

google phone search




Type the phone number in google (area code first) and see what you can find. Most of the time you will see a bunch of reverse phone lookup websites that won’t provide you much info. However, some times you will see the person’s Facebook page, a business or other personal page registered to that phone number. This is obviously one of the best free ways to do a reverse phone lookup.

3.) Trapcall ($3.95 + per month)




  • Trapcall available on a desktop or an app has some really awesome features that you will have to pay for but many think that it’s worth it. Another killer service to find out who’s been calling you.

a.) Block an anonymous call and it will ring back “unmasked”

b.) Automatic spam blocking

c.) Blacklist harassing callers

d.) Put names and faces to callers

e.) Record incoming calls

f.) By forcing ‘Unknown’ callers to identify themselves, you will know who is calling before you answer.

See all the features here.

4.) (free, share contacts and paid)

spydialer reverse phone search




With Spydialer (when available) you can hear the person’s voicemail, see their phone number, see the person’s photo or see if it’s a spam call. It’s a pretty cool reverse phone tool because it is really free because many people share their phone contacts in order to conduct free phone number searches. This is one of the reasons they have compiled a pretty decent database of phone numbers. So if you’ve ever had a question “Who’s calling me from this number?” then Spydialer may be able to help.

5.) Facebook




  • If you’ve ever had a question like this: “Who’s telephone number is this that keeps calling me?” Then Facebook can help you. Once you are logged in go to the search bar on Facebook and then type the person’s phone number in it and see what shows up. It’s that simple! As long as the person doesn’t have their phone number private then it will show up if they have a Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to locate phone numbers for free.

6.) Whitepages Reverse Phone (free but mostly paid)

whitepages reverse phone




  • “Who does this phone number belong to?” You may have asked yourself that a few times. You may have some luck using the Whitepages Reverse phone search but it will be for mainly landline and business phone numbers. To find out who owns a cell phone number you will 99.9% of the time have to pay for it using the Whitepages, because they mainly only have landline phone numbers listed with very little exception. So if you want to find out who owns a cell phone number then you will probably need to go another route.