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How Can I Find Out Who My Mom Is

How Can I Find Out Who My Mom Is

It’s difficult to go through life with your mother not around. If your mother abandoned you at some point or left your life for another reason, you’ll be missing someone important to your life. If you never knew your mother, you’ll have all sorts of unanswered questions, such as who is my real mom or how can I find my mom. You may want to find relatives you’ve never met or find out who your birth parents are too.

Fortunately, online resources have made it easier if you’re thinking it’s time to find out who my mom is. With the steps below, you’ll have the best chance at finding and reconnecting with your biological mother.

Collect Any Info You Have on Your Mom

The beginning of any search involves figuring out what you already know. You’ll want to collect any info on who your mom is, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Here is some of the information to record if you have it:

But what if you’re trying to find out where my mom is from scratch, and you don’t even have her name? This could be the case if you were adopted, but fortunately, there are avenues to obtain this information. You can ask your adoptive parents, request to see your birth certificate or go to either the adoption agency or court that handled the adoption to see what information they can release to you. It would be awesome if you could find her maiden name.

Run an Online Background Check

To get a full report on your biological mother, there’s no better option than an online background check. You can do one of these on in seconds using whatever information you have available. Here’s how to do one using your mom’s name:

  1. Visit The name search option is the default, which means you don’t need to change anything there.
  2. Type in your mom’s first and last name in the fields provided.
  3. Enter a city and select a state for your mom if you have those. Any previous location where your mom has lived can work here. These fields are optional, and you can skip them if you don’t have them.
  4. Perform the search and look through the results.

There could be anywhere from no matches to thousands depending on the information you entered. Other search options you may wish to try, if you have the requisite information, is an address, phone number or email address search.

When you find your mom in the results, you can click View Report to see all the info the site has on her. This info comes from many sources, including social media, public records and the deep web.

Take a Genetic Test

Perhaps the most effective option, if you’re starting from scratch, is a genetic test. You can have one of these done through or 23andMe, to name two of the most popular options. These tests do have a fee and a bit of a turnaround time, but you get a substantial amount of information from them.

Whether you go with an AncestryDNA test or one through 23andMe, you’ll receive a testing kit to collect your DNA. Once you’ve done so, you send the kit to the company and wait for your results. This will have information on both your mother’s and father’s sides of your family, including relatives and potential methods to contact them.

Look on Social Media

Social media is popular among people of all ages, making it a great place to search for your mom. You can look up people by name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook also has some search options to help you narrow down your search parameters.

Since Facebook has the most people and search options, try going there first to see what comes up. If you find your mom, you can send her a message there to reach out. If you don’t have any luck on Facebook, give the other social networks a try. All of them allow direct messaging should you locate her.

Reaching Out for the First Time

Keep in mind that finding your mom is only half the battle. Once you find her, you’ll need to decide if you want to reach out to her and, if so, what you are going to say. Be prepared for any response and try not to get your hopes up right away. It’s better to end up pleasantly surprised than letdown. Messages and emails are better choices than a phone call, as they don’t put as much pressure on the recipient.

Even if you don’t end up contacting your mom, it’s still good to know more about her. It can be nice to know where you came from, and her family’s medical history is something you should be aware of for your own health and safety.

How To Find Out Where Someone Was Born

How To Find Out Where Someone Was Born

There are a number of reasons why you may want to locate someone’s birthplace. You may want to know more about your new relationship partner, or you may want to complete your genealogy research on a particular ancestor. Irrespective of the reason, finding the place where a person was born can be an easy process if you have access to the person’s birth records.

1. Vital Records

The primary source of information of where somebody was born is his birth certificate. A birth certificate can be obtained from the state or county in which the birth event occurred. Other vital records that contain the information include death, divorce, and marriage certificates, which can also be obtained from the county or state where the event took place. To make the process even easier, you need to have vital information including:

• What hospital someone was born at
Full names of the person
• Person’s date of birth
Date of marriage

In the absence of the information above, you can use the indexes to the records. Check if the state or county where the birth of the person occurred provides the indexes.

2. Take Advantage of Newspapers

Newspaper obituaries and birth announcements may contain information about where someone was born. You will have to know the exact day when the person was born or died, so you can know when the newspaper published the information. Locating the current newspaper owner will also be necessary to help you access the old newspaper that contains the information.

3. Access Church Records

Church records including christening, marriage, and baptism documents may contain information about where someone was born. You need to know the church that the person attended to access his church records. You can approach the church staff and seek assistance in tracing the information. The church records custodian should be able to find the record once you submit the necessary details of the person. Necessary details to facilitate the search may include the name of the person, the name of the church where his marriage ceremony took place, and the date of the ceremony.

4. Interrogate People

Interrogating people about where an individual was born can be one of the easiest ways of getting the information. Relevant people who can provide the information include parents, siblings, a spouse, and close friends of the person. You may have to demonstrate your valid reason as to why you are in need of the information since some of these people may not be willing to share the information with you. Also, since some of them may provide you with only verbal information, it is possible that the information may be incorrect. If possible, ask them to provide any documentation that backs the verbal information.

5. Find the Information From Former Employers

If the person was once an employee, you can access his birthplace information from his former employer. Typically, people submit their important documents during job application. The documents submitted together with their resumes may include:

• Driving license
• National ID
• Birth certificates

These documents contain vital information that will help you locate the place where a person was born. Although most employers keep the information of their staff, some companies have policies that prohibit them from sharing information about their previous staff. In the presence of such policies, you can request a company staff to provide the information at a personal level instead of acting on behalf of the company.

6. Social Media

A social media platform such as a dating website may contain information about someone’s place of birth. The person needs to have signed up for the platform and completed his profile. You may also need to join the platform to access the person’s profile. Many social media websites have the “Search” tool that enables you to search a person by name. Once you find the person, you can access his profile to see if his place of birth is indicated.

Bottom Line

Seeking information about where an individual was born can be an easy task if you know the right procedure to follow. There are online tools that can help you complete the search without much hassle, and is one of them. The website is easy to navigate and allows you to conduct the search by the person’s name. Visit the website for more information and get help.

Are Birth Certificates Public Record?

Are Birth Certificates Public Record?

Most people do not realize the quantity of information there is about them on the web. There is a lot of information that government agencies and courts hold on to the documents they use. Even though they contain private details, these documents are considered public records. While there may be certain fees that are required to access various databases, the information is always there. With advancements in technology, it is easy to access documents over the internet. But, what makes birth certificates public records?

By definition, public records are documents that contain the life events of individuals that are kept under governmental authority. Public records, therefore, include marriage certificates, death certificates, and birth certificates. They are maintained in the county and state levels. Numerous public record registries offer people access to their public records. Depending on the state you live in, these records can extend even further to campaign contributions, tax information, real estate deeds and certifications, and many more. This makes it easier for people to access your bankruptcy records and phone numbers. It is why most online companies require birth certificates and other records only to be accessed by other agencies of the government and members of the family.

Why You Need Public Records

There are numerous reasons why you may need to access your public birth records or those of someone else. These reasons include:

– School registration
– Drivers licenses
– Employment reasons
– Identity verification
– Marriage
– Passports

Whether you choose to look for the details online or at the government offices, you need to be related to the person whose vital records you want to access. To recover the records, you will need to know the local and state jurisdictions. If you do not know when and where the person was born, you may need to use census details or ancestry sites to get this information. Census records will show you when the person appears in the census. If they are in the census, you can then look up their information in the National Archives or one of the 14 regional archives.

There are many websites that have digitized federal census records so that they can be easily accessed online. At the national archives, these searches are free. You can also use that 14-day free trial versions that are offered by certain websites to do your searches. Besides, it is possible to use newspaper obituaries to find useful information about the date the person was born.

You also need to have gathers information about the person that will help you find the birth certificate of the person you are looking for. In particular, you will need to know their full maiden names, the full names of the father, city of birth, and their full names.

Online services allow you to look through these databases for free. You cannot view the certificates, but you can access the information in them. There are also paid websites that allow you to make birth records search of any information you need. You need to know that these certificates are confidential to all people except immediate family. In some states, they may not have recordings of birth certificates past 1880, so the number of public records is limited.

Many states require you to apply by mail, online or in person to get birth records. You just need to find the county where the person was born. These records will cost you between $3 and $30 to get access as states do not offer free records.


To answer the question- are birth certificates public record? Yes, they are. It is critical to note that the government restricts the meaning of life events. Online searches allow you to access your vital records fast and conveniently without having to overthink to search extensively and make it easy to find out when someone’s birthday is. Once you know the information required to get the certificate, the process is seamless and convenient. Birth certificate records will only be available to you if you are a family member. You have to be ready to pay a fee to get the records if your online searches do not bear any fruits. Also, you have to go to the respective offices to get the records. You can use this access to find out who your birth parents are if you were adopted, find your birth mother and want to find your family you’ve never met.

How To Find Public Records

How To Find Public Records

You’re here because you are looking for public records on a person or place. Don’t worry I will tell you what a public record is and how to find them on almost anyone or anything. This makes it very easy to do a free people search.

1.) Public Record Databases

Public record databases such as compile data from thousands of resources to provide users with a searchable database of public record information. You can find out if someone has a criminal history, check a person’s marital status, view recent addresses, find phone numbers, see if a person has filed for bankruptcy, find out when someone was born, find out why someone went to jail and much more. You can start a search for just a few dollars and conduct unlimited public record searches.

As you can see you can conduct a background check on anyone using public records. You can check public criminal records and court cases, view phone numbers, public arrest records, bankruptcies, if they are divorced and more. Below are a few more screenshots and searches you can do.

I did a quick public record search on a person and as you can see it pulled up a ton of results such as if the person is married, if they are a home owner, date of birth, occupation, phone number, address, email address, criminal history and much more. I just wanted to show you some of it.

public records search results

As you can see there are many different types of searches that you can do once you become a member for a few dollars. You can start your public record search here.

Pipl public record searches are pretty awesome too (just watch out for the advertisements). You can search for public records by name, username, email or phone.

I did a quick search for John Smith and Pipl came through and pulled up the results.

Now I’m going to click on one of the results just to give you an idea of what type of public records you can get.


You can see how old the person is, view a nice photo, see the person’s career, education, cities he’s lived in and people who they are associated with. If you want more in-depth information like gives then you will have to pay. As you can see the personal info, online photos, social profiles, and contact info is “sponsored”. But not bad at all for a free public records search.

With Spydialer you can do a reverse phone check, email address lookup, address search and people lookup. The results are pretty basic and mostly lead to sponsored results but it does provide some useful results for free such as email, address, and phone searches. You won’t find any in-depth information but you can get basic results for free but you are limited to how many searches you can perform. Also, pretty cool feature is you can hear a person’s voicemail without having to call the phone yourself.


Search by phone, people, address or email. In this case, we’re going to search for people to give you an idea of what you’re working with.

So now you have to choose the person you’re searching for by a basic location. So if you have more than one person with the same name in the city you’re searching for then this is going to be a lot harder to figure out. So now I clicked on one of the results and I’m then led to some sponsored results on the side (I cut the ads out on this screenshot) and then a basic address, some possible relatives and a link to spydial the phone number.


Now I clicked to spydial the phone number and I get to hear the person’s voicemail. Pretty cool.


2.) Government Resources

All in all the people search is pretty useless. However their phone number search, email and address search are much more worthy of your time.

PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information using PACER Case Locator.

Great resource provided by the United States government to research your ancestors. Many different public records are available to search.

A selection of links to websites helpful for locating birth, death, and marriage records. Research

Research your ancestry, military records, records on microfilm, browse online exhibits, order copies of public records and much much more.

Archives public records


Open data is free, publicly available data that anyone can access and use without restrictions. U.S. Federal Open Data is a strategic national resource. American businesses depend on this government data to optimize their operations, improve their marketing, and develop new products and services. Federal Open Data also helps guide business investment, foster innovation, improve employment opportunities, and spur economic growth.


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government. is the publicly accessible, searchable website mandated by the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 to give the American public access to information on how their tax dollars are spent.

The Census Bureau’s National Processing Center (NPC) in Jeffersonville, IN, maintains copies of the 1910 to 2010 census records. Records from the censuses of population and housing are publicly accessible 72 years after each decennial census’ “Census Day.” The most recent publicly available census records are from the 1940 census, released April 2, 2012.

The Vault is our new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other media that have been scanned from paper into digital copies so you can read them in the comfort of your home or office. Included here are many new FBI files that have been released to the public but never added to this website; dozens of records previously posted on our site but removed as requests diminished; files from our previous FOIA Library, and new, previously unreleased files.

  • Local City & County Government Websites

Your local city and county government websites usually will have links and resources for the public to access records such as property records, marriage records, arrests, warrants, sex offenders, deaths, unclaimed property and more. It’s easy to do a Google search for these type of websites. Just type in your city or county and type in the type of records you’re looking for after that. You will then be shown a list of your local resources that are available.

Find Out When Someone’s Birthday Is

Find Out When Someone’s Birthday Is

For one reason or the other, you’re wanting to find out when someone was born. You could be in a new relationship and have already forgotten when your new bae’s birthday is. Well, don’t worry I will show you how to find someone’s birthday even if you don’t want to ask them and while you’re at it you can do a full background check on them if you want.

1.) Do a Birthday Lookup by Gaining Access To Public Records

You can search the database at and find almost anyone’s birthday without asking them. Once you’re a member for a few bucks then you will gain access to the member’s area. In the member’s area, you can easily find out a person’s date of birth in just a minute or two by conducting a background check on them.

birth records lookupJust type in the person’s name and state and you will be shown some results. Choose the person’s name and click view details.

Once you click “view details” then you will see the person’s birthday plus other information about the person.

birthday database lookup

That is one way to look up someone’s birthday by their name pretty easily. It’s not free but it will only cost you a few dollars and it’s accurate and quick.

2.) If You’re Friends On Facebook Then This is Very Obvious

Obviously, if you are friends on Facebook then you should be able to find out when the person’s birthday is. Pretty simple and self-explanatory.

3.) Talk About Birthdays

Casually talk about birthdays and you may get the person to spill the beans about when their birthday is. You can say something like “I love being born in the springtime but I hate the rain.” Then wait and see what they say. They may drop some hints about when they were born.

4.) Ask to See Their License or ID

Just one look at a person’s license and you will know the person’s birthday without having to look it up online. You can talk about how crappy your license photo is and get them to show you theirs. Sneaky but effective. Whats even better it’s a totally free way to lookup someone’s birth date.

5.) Ask Friends and Family

If you don’t want anyone to know that you don’t know the person’s birthday then you may not want to ask anyone else because they will probably spill the beans sooner or later. But if you can trust a friend or family member not to tell the person then feel free to ask if they know the person’s birthday. Easy free birthday lookup lol.

6.) Celebrity Birthdays

Ask them if they share a birthday with a celebrity. They may and then you’re golden. Just Google the celebrities birthday and you’ll know.

How To Find Your Birth Parents

How To Find Your Birth Parents

Finding your biological parents if you’ve been adopted is easier than ever with access to the internet even if you have very little information about your birth parents. Many people ask questions such as “How can I find my real dad?” “How to find my birth mother?” “Who are my biological parents?” We can help you find those answers especially if you have a name.


  • Top Resources

American Adoption Congress – The American Adoption Congress supports state-by-state legislative efforts to obtain access for adult adoptees to their original birth certificates (OBC).

Bastard Nation – The Adoptee Rights Organization

Access To Adoption Records – How to get consent to unseal adoption records and more information about state statutes regarding adoption and obtaining original birth certificates and adoption records.

What every adopted parent should know about search and reunion

The Donaldson Adoption Institute

  • Here are some other starting points and ways to find out who your real biological parents are.

1.) If you have their names then go straight to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. and search for them if you have their names and try people search websites too.

2.) If you know the name of the adoption agency then ask them for help.

3.) You can register on websites such as and other adoption reunion websites such as ALMA Society.

4.) Just ask! Ask your adopted parents for information about your biological parents. You can also ask your extended family, your parent’s friends or anyone else who may have been around at the time of the adoption.

5.) The most obvious is to view your birth certificate to see who signed it. In most states, you will have to get your birth certificate unsealed.

6.) View the Children’s Bureau website which is an office of the Administration for Children and Families. They have a ton of great information which contains basic information on obtaining birth and/or adoption records, conducting a search, reuniting with birth relatives, dealing with the lifelong emotional impact of adoption, and links to relevant organizations.

7.) View the National Foster Care & Adoption Directory Search. This is a very powerful resource that contains resources for search support groups, adoption agency officials, licensed adoption agencies and more.

8.) Search for Birth Relatives. This website provides guidance to adopted persons and birth families on the search process and information access, as well as resources for further help in conducting a successful search.

9.) If you know where you were born then go to the hospital and meet with someone in social services or an ombudsman. This can be a very powerful resource to help you find out who your parents were.