For one reason or the other, you’re wanting to find out when someone was born. You could be in a new relationship and have already forgotten when your new bae’s birthday is. Well, don’t worry I will show you how to find someone’s birthday even if you don’t want to ask them and while you’re at it you can do a full background check on them if you want.

1.) Do a Birthday Lookup by Gaining Access To Public Records

You can search the database at and find almost anyone’s birthday without asking them. Once you’re a member for a few bucks then you will gain access to the member’s area. In the member’s area, you can easily find out a person’s date of birth in just a minute or two by conducting a background check on them.

birth records lookupJust type in the person’s name and state and you will be shown some results. Choose the person’s name and click view details.

Once you click “view¬†details” then you will see the person’s birthday plus other information about the person.

birthday database lookup

That is one way to look up someone’s birthday by their name pretty easily. It’s not free but it will only cost you a few dollars and it’s accurate and quick.

2.) If You’re Friends On Facebook Then This is Very Obvious

Obviously, if you are friends on Facebook then you should be able to find out when the person’s birthday is. Pretty simple and self-explanatory.

3.) Talk About Birthdays

Casually talk about birthdays and you may get the person to spill the beans about when their birthday is. You can say something like “I love being born in the springtime¬†but I hate the rain.” Then wait and see what they say. They may drop some hints about when they were born.

4.) Ask to See Their License or ID

Just one look at a person’s license and you will know the person’s birthday without having to look it up online. You can talk about how crappy your license photo is and get them to show you theirs. Sneaky but effective. Whats even better it’s a totally free way to lookup someone’s birth date.

5.) Ask Friends and Family

If you don’t want anyone to know that you don’t know the person’s birthday then you may not want to ask anyone else because they will probably spill the beans sooner or later. But if you can trust a friend or family member not to tell the person then feel free to ask if they know the person’s birthday. Easy free birthday lookup lol.

6.) Celebrity Birthdays

Ask them if they share a birthday with a celebrity. They may and then you’re golden. Just Google the celebrities birthday and you’ll know.