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View current inmates by checking out the Canyon County Jail Roster list online. You can find out who’s in jail in Canyon County. See who’s recently been arrested and find out who just got out of jail in the past 24 hours. You will be able to view mugshots of people who got arrested and are being housed at the county jail. You will be able to see a person’s booking date, court date, bond amount, when someone may get out of jail, criminal charges, why someone got arrested and more. If you’d like more in depth information about someone you can easily conduct a background check on them today. Find out about the person’s criminal history and previous arrests they have in their past.

Current Arrests

The following people are/were housed in the Canyon County Jail for criminal offenses. This list does not include juvenile offenders, SILD reflected in this online database. Inmate status can only be confirmed by phone, call (208)454-7541 or in person.

View the inmates names, arrest date, statute and charges of the people that are incarcerated in the County jail. Searching the arrest database online will show you who is locked up and for how long.

Jail Roster

The following individuals are currently housed in the Canyon County Jail or Canyon County Work Release Center. This list may include adults with juvenile offenses, juveniles with adult charges, individuals held on civil contempt cases and participants in programs outside the confines of the Canyon County Jail. Programs include Sheriff’s Inmate Labor Detail, Pretrial Release and Intensive Community Supervision (ICS). Further information can be obtained by appearing in person or calling (208)454-7541. Brought to you by the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.

Search the inmate jail roster by name and by alphabetical order.

Using the resources above you can easily search the inmate list to see who’s in jail in Canyon County. Searching the arrest records will provide you with a wealth of information about the people up to and including their charges, current mugshots of inmates, full name, recent addresses, charges against them and more.