Find Records Fast:

So, you want to find out where someone lives huh. That’s all too common these days. Maybe you are trying to get ahold of an old friend or an ex that you lost contact with over the years. Either way, you need to find out someone’s address.

You have a few ways that you can find a person’s address and where they are currently living.

1.) Public Record Databases

You can find out where someone is living at by visiting and typing in the information you have. If you have their name then search for their address by name, if you have a cell phone number then you can also find out where they live by their phone number.

Start with the information you have and visit

You’ll see a search box like this.

find out where someone livesIt’s much easier to find out where someone is currently living by searching their name and or by cell phone number. So go ahead and type that in the search box and you’ll see some results we have. Choose the location and possible relatives of the person. Then you’ll need to pay a few dollars to become a member. Once you’re a member then you can easily find out where the person is living at.

You can also view more information about the person too. You can see the person’s phone number, criminal records, current address, date of birth and much more.

property address report

Accessing public record databases to find out where someone lives at is one of the best ways.

2.) Find a Person’s Address by IP

Here is a video of a pretty sneaky but legit way to find out where someone lives by their IP address. There are also many other reverse ip address lookup sites that will help show a general location of a person but that video that I linked to will give you an exact location most of the time.