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You might start noticing that your wife is spending too much time on her phone, texting, and laughing throughout the day. Dismissing it as having a good conversation with a friend is what all husbands do at first. However, it might become too much if it goes on for days without stopping. It might reach a point where you start feeling like something is off. You might be tempted to snoop around her phone, but then again, the chances of being caught doing so are quite high. In this article, we will discuss the signs your wife is cheating and how you can confirm this by accessing her messages.

Signs your Wife is Cheating

  • Loses Interest in Intimacy

Women are known to be quite intimate with the people they love. They expect their partners or husbands to be attentive to them when it comes to such matters. If your wife, all of a sudden, becomes distant here, then that is the most obvious sign that something is amiss.

Whether they like it or not, a majority of females are wired to crave attention and respect from their husbands. If she starts acting like it is no longer necessary for you to attend to her emotional needs, then she is getting the attention from someone else.

  • Her Phone is Password Protected

Married people should be open with each other regarding all aspects of their lives. Unless there is a prior agreement, marriages stop working when either the wife or husband starts keeping secrets from each other. Phone passwords are supposed to protect your information from the rest of the world. If her phone is password protected and she seems hesitant about giving it the code to you, the chances are that she is cheating.

Another situation is where she keeps changing her access codes. If she gives you the password today, then the next time out try accessing her phone it does not work, that should alert you that something is wrong.

  • Starts Working Late

Putting in some extra hours at work once in a while is okay and normal. But, if your wife starts getting late more often and always says she was at work, then you should look into it immediately. If she is spending more hours away from home, she could be with someone who feels like home to her.

What you should look out for here is whether she seems agitated by how long she has to work. If she complains about the working hours, does it sound genuine? Does she look tired and worn out due to working non-stop for several days? If the answers to these questions do not sit right with you, then it is time to find out the truth.

  • She Starts Looking Good all the Time.

Taking care of your appearance like all the time is normal when you first start dating. You want your partner to like how you look and even throw a compliment your way every time. With time, however, this changes. People start getting comfortable around each other and start caring less of how they look unless they are dressing up for a function.

If you had reached such a point with your wife when she suddenly seems to always have her make-up on and her dressing becomes more fashionable, it should make the alarms in your head go off. Her appearance has improved because she is trying to please someone and if that someone is not you, then the chances are she is cheating on you.

  • Her background Report has some Suspicious Activities.

The first place husbands go to check when they start suspecting their wives are cheating is social media. If your wife was previously uninterested in social media and then you realize she seems very keen on uploading photos or updating her status, then something is happening. She might also be friends with people you have never met or heard of before, and these people might pop up in her pictures. These are signs of cheating and you need to find out the truth as soon as possible.

Who is your Wife Texting?

If she is cheating, then the most obvious place to check is her text messages. Something in her texts might affirm your suspicions, so you need to find a way of reading them. You can figure out who your wife is texting pretty easily. Find a way of accessing her phone and quickly but attentively look at the messages. If there seem to be unsaved numbers, which have been texted more often, note them down somewhere. Also, check for gaps in messages which indicate parts of conversations have been deleted.

Yes, this is detective work, so you need to be smart. You might think of confronting her but this will only spook her, and you might never find out the truth. There is also the chance that nothing is happening and a confrontation might just make things worse in your relationship. To put your mind at ease, use a reverse phone number lookup service. Such services are numerous on the internet, so do not give up if the first few do not bring up any answers.

You can also find an application that will make it easy for you to spy on text messages being sent to her. They will alert you every time she sends or receives texts and you will be able to read them. When you discover that a certain number seems to text her more often and the messages seem suggestive, you can trace text messages to the owner.

Finding out their identity will make it easier for you to do a background check on them and know how exactly they know your wife. After you discover the truth, it is up to you to know what you are going to do next. In case divorce seems like the only option, you out have enough proof to take to court. If, however, you decide to confront her and find a way of solving your problems, figure out a practical plan before going to her with your findings.