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You’re here because most likely you want to find a phone number with only the person’s name. You could have lost touch with the person a long time ago and now you want to know what their new phone number is. You could also want to see if you’re right about the number that has been calling you or someone you know. Only you may know why you want to search for a phone number by a person’s name. Either way, regardless of your reason I will show you how you can find a phone number online today.

First off, you will need to conduct a name search at which is a public records database. This record database contains millions of phone records that are easily searchable. The cost is only a few dollars and you can perform unlimited phone number searches and also background reports on anyone. So when you find the phone number that you’re looking for you can also conduct a background search on them and find out their address, email address, criminal history, social profiles and more. This saves you a lot of time and will ease your mind when you find the phone number and person that you’re looking for.

Ok, now that I’m in the member’s area I will conduct a background search on the person that I want the phone number of.

phone number search by name


Once you search for the person that you want the phone number of then you will see some results that contain the person’s name, age, and addresses. Find the one that is the best match of the person you want the phone number of.

cell phone number search by name


Once you find the person that you’re looking for then click view details and you’ll be shown their background report which will contain phone numbers that have been registered to the person. Just click the phone numbers tab or scroll through the report. You can also see the person’s address, if the person is married, date of birth, criminal history, social profiles and much more.

phone number results


Ok, so now I’ve clicked on the phone numbers tab in the background report. As you can see there are 5 phone numbers listed under this person’s name. The report shows when the phone number was reported so you can be sure to get an up to date phone number for the person you’re looking for.

phone numbers


As you can see this was a quick search that took only a couple of minutes to find the person’s phone number using their name. What is even better is you can conduct unlimited phone searches and even background reports on anyone that you like. This saves a lot of time trying to find a person’s phone number for free online using other websites. Most free ways to find people’s phone numbers are very limited and end up leading to a pay site anyway. With you only pay a few dollars and you can do unlimited phone number and background searches on any phone number and person.