Find Records Fast:

It’s not uncommon for a person to do a license plate search, whether it’s for information linked to a plate number to seek out a reckless driver, or if you’re suspicious of a vehicle in your neighborhood. However, there are limits to what you can find online due to privacy laws. But, you can always consult a company to find out the information at your request. Nevertheless, below are the most common ways you can do a reverse license plate lookup.

  • Perform a Search

Performing a standard license plate search online can offer you some information on a driver based on their plate number. Using online resources, such as your state’s DMV and or public record databases can help you find out the vehicle’s make and year, as well as the date it was registered but most state DMV’s don’t offer this service. Also, any personal information is well protected due to federal restrictions.

Step 1. Check with your local DMV

Although it varies state to state, your local DMV can offer you some information on the license plate number you are inquiring about for a small fee. However, you can always perform this task online as well.

Step 2. Enter the Plate Number

Once you’re on the right DMV web page, you can enter the license plate number in a search field to get more information on the vehicle. But, even though you can obtain additional information about the vehicle itself, you cannot get personal information of the driver who the vehicle is registered to.

Step 3. Perform a General Search Online

Another way you can get more information about the vehicle you’re inquiring is to perform a license plate lookup online using public record databases.

  • Consult a Certified Information Broker

An alternative way to find additional information on a license plate number is to consult a certified information broker. This service may seem similar to search sites we recommended above, but these certified lookup companies can take much longer and have higher fee’s.

Step 1. Create a List of Certified Information Brokers

Search online and create a list of locally certified information brokers that can give you information based on the license plate number you inquire about. At the same time, you should also look up online reviews to see whether the broker you’re going with is reputable.

Step 2. Contact Each Broker

Either contact the information broker via their website or over the phone. However, before agreeing on anything, it’s best to question what their charges or fees are based on the services they provide.

Step 3. Provide the Plate Number in Question

The final step is to provide the broker with the plate number you are inquiring about and allow them a select time frame for them to contact you with information on the vehicle.

  • Hire a Private Investigator

The third option you can use to perform a license plate lookup is to hire a private investigator to get you the information you need. According to the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, private detectives are allowed to gain access to vehicle databases. These databases are full of information from a range of states that track license plate numbers and the car’s owner information. Though this method is the most pricey of the three, it also provides great results. Just make sure that you get a guarantee from the detective that all the information you are receiving is correct before you put down any money.

Step 1. Create a List

Using a phone book or the Internet, compile a list of local private detectives. Look at reviews to narrow down your search.

Step 2. Reach Out to Each Investigator on your List

Either call or email each investigator on your list. You will need to tell them exactly what info you need. Be sure to ask them how long the process will take and how much it will cost.

Step 3. Give The Plate Number

Once you have found a good private investigator, all you will need to do is give them the license plate number. They will contact you when they have the information you are looking for.

Whether you decide to use an online search, certified information broker, or a private investigator, you can learn a lot of information about a vehicle and the person who drives it. By using this guide, you will know exactly what to do the next time you need to look up license plate and find a driver.