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You might be curious if somebody close to you has ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in Fulton County, Georgia. Maybe it is a new neighbor. Maybe it’s someone you are going out on a first date with. You may want to get a glimpse of their criminal history. Background checks are expensive to order. Fortunately, there are many free options available online in Fulton County.

You might want to look up court records or police reports. It is sometimes important to find out if someone has been arrested. It may give you peace of mind to know they don’t have a criminal past. Most people with a checkered past will not just offer up the information. They may be too embarrassed to admit they were arrested.

You could also possibly want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender. People who commit those acts are required by law to register in the state of Georgia.

You might want to do your own investigation from the comfort of your home computer. It allows you to grab a little insight into who this specific person is.

Maybe somebody just moved into your complex or subdivision. You have young children at home. They often play outside. How can you tell if people are sex offenders? The sex offender registry is available online here.

Court cases are available through this portal in Fulton County.

The Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court alsohase more relevant information regarding court cases. You can perform a judicial records search for criminal and civil cases here. More court information is available here through the Fulton County Criminal Division.

Do you need to know if someone is still incarcerated? What about performing a jail inmate search? You can utilize this website to search by name.

Do you want to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest? Maybe you are doing a search for your own private matters. You may wonder, “do I have a warrant for my arrest?” You can search current warrant information here.

The most wanted fugitives can be found through the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office here. The Atlanta Police Foundation also has a page dedicated to Crimestoppers.

Maybe you want to check for a DUI or look at mugshots. The information is readily available through the various sites in Fulton County. You can check the court docket to see what day your court case falls on. Maybe you need to check the court date for someone else or a matter you were specifically involved in.

Many people in Fulton County will need vital information from time to time about various individuals. Maybe someone has raised your suspicions. Perhaps you want to move to a new location within Fulton County. You might want to make sure there aren’t any registered sex offenders nearby.

Your loved one or friend has disappeared for a few days. Could they possibly be an inmate because of criminal activity? You might have a date with a person you just met. How can you be sure about their criminal past? You can check for all of these violations utilizing the powerful tools above.