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Searching for inmates, arrest records, warrants, sex offenders, and court records in Hennepin County Minnesota is a simple process. Below are links to websites that will guide you to the information you are seeking. All you need is a first and last name of the person you are searching for in Hennepin County Minnesota. The information found in this posting will guide you to the data you are seeking.

How to Find Inmates
The Hennepin County Sheriff has a database to search public records on individuals who may have been received by, currently in or released from jail. The jail inmate search engine looks for records for today and one week before today’s date. Inmates not found in the database might be going through an intake and not listed on this website until they are assigned a booking number.

Here is a link to find inmates in Hennepin County:

Find Arrest Records
Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Database searches court cases on people that may have a felony or misdemeanor. The information provided in the search tracks and manages cases and calendars. The database will also include party identification, documents filed, hearings, dispositions, sentences, fines, fee information, and charges.

To find out if someone has been arrested search the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Database:

Minnesota Department of Corrections:

Find Warrants
Do I have a warrant for my arrest? If you are asking yourself this question call the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office at 612-348-2000 for more information. If you do not have a case or warrant number but have the full name and date of birth call the district court at 612-348-2040. The address to turn yourself in for a warrant at the Public Safety Facility 401 South Fourth Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55415.

To find out if someone has a warrant go to

Find Sex Offenders
Minnesota Department of Corrections public register allows you to look-up any sex offender. Choose from four different search criteria city, county, name, and zip code. Look at mugshots, release date, and the address of the sex offender. In addition, the database will show their birthdate, ethnicity, skin tone, hair color, eye color, height, weight, and built. The search will also give you detailed information on the crime.

To find out if someone is a registered sex offender:

Find Court Records
Look up court records, check for a DUI, police reports, court cases, and your court docket on the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access database. The Minnesota Trial Court Public Access database has four different search criteria for you to choose. The first one will allow you to search criminal, traffic, and petty case records. The second one will enable you to explore civil, family and probate case records. The third one will allow you to search for judgments and the fourth one will allow you to search court calendars.

To look up court records go to