Find Records Fast:

You may have a myriad of reasons for asking, “How do I find the owner of a car?” You may have been in an accident or fender bender with someone. You could be a restaurant owner who has an abandoned car in your parking lot. You may also want to double check someone who is working for you or providing a service to you as a driver. No matter what your reason is, you can find out who a vehicle is registered to and who owns this car. Here’s how.

What You Need to Do a Search

You will have to have some important information on the vehicle if you want to find out who owns it. One piece of information that may work for you is the license plate number. The license plate is usually on the back of the vehicle or on the front and back of the vehicle. Write those numbers down and then you can use them for a license plate search or license plate owner lookup. You can also use the VIN, but that’s harder to grab hold of. The VIN is the unique vehicle identification number that only your car has. The manufacturer gives each new car a unique number on the production date. A person can usually find this number on the driver’s side under the windshield. It will also be on the insurance, title and registration documents. If you happen to have this information, you can search to find vehicle ownership records.

Information That a Search Can Give You

You can receive quite a bit of information if you search using the vehicle identification number or the license plate number. The information is made available to the public because of a “Freedom of Information Act” that makes everyone’s information open for access. The information that you receive in this manner depends on the service that you use. Some of the data that you may be able to pull from this service is information such as the owner’s name, address, traffic tickets, DWI charges, accident reports and some information about the history of the car.

The Cost of a Search

The cost of a search varies depending on which company you use for it. There will be some costs associated with your search. The site that you use may verify that it has found the car owner’s information, but you will have to pay a fee if you want to have access to that information. The fee could be a painless amount such as a couple of dollars only, or it could be a massive amount that you will certainly have to think twice about paying. It depends, so take your time and make sure that you use a reputable provider of such information before you commit to buying it.

Use the information mentioned above to perform your next search for an automobile owner. You can receive the information that you want within a very brief amount of time.