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How To Find friends from the military:

A lot of us may ask how do I find people I was in the military with. We all agree that Americas Forces (or any forces for that matter) is a pretty huge Band of Brothers but at the same time in relevance to population it is fairly small and hard to find old military friends. If you are in the Army, Navy, Airforce or Marine Corps here are a few ways to do a military look up by name can work for you.

I’m sure all of us have some type of social media account online. That is probably the quickest easiest and most useful way to locate friends from the military whether you were in the Army, Navy, Airforce or Marine Corps to find some military friends or find someone I was in the military with in the armed forces we can pretty much do a military lookup by name in a database. If you can remember just a few of these bullets then here’s where you can start.

-first name middle initial

-last name

-last 4 of a social security number


-last Duty station

-last known housing address

-any friend of the old military friend

-and old phone number

And the list goes on. With today’s technology and social media, friends in the military are not too hard we are probably connected through more than one way and probably much closer to that individual than we realize. All it takes is a little reaching out networking and the use of the World Wide Web in order to find that certain person. For those of us who are in the military we know that documentation, Forwarding addresses, and information of that sort is always stored for a certain amount of years after that veteran has left their Duty station and moved on to the next Duty station for even retire traded from the military services. If you need help there are also some other resources Within These next bullet points.

-last known headquarters

-Veteran Affairs

-possibly a Personnel at the USO

-try an old email address

These method here are probably a little harder than the first methods that were mentioned but still can have the same Effectiveness if done thoroughly enough. We all have that buddy, brother, comrade that we have lost touch with that we wish we could be in contact with now and that’s why we are giving you this information. It will help you use the Avenues that are directly in front of you in order to get back in touch with that old time partner. I cannot guarantee that these methods will work but I can guarantee somehow someway by trying these methods you will bump into someone that knows someone that may know where that certain person is that you were looking for. If none of these methods work Reach Out to the internet and look for other methods that may be of usefulness to you. One thing I would suggest is to never give up when you want to find friends from the military. Find old military friends, find that person in the armed forces that you were with. I did it to find someone I was in the military with by using this military look-up by name. If this was helpful or useful please comment and let us know so that we know that we are assistance to anyone out there looking for that old time friend.