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Unfortunately, you can’t always tell if someone you know or don’t know is divorced. Whether it’s the guy you’re interested in at work or the woman you’re currently seeing that you assume has a significant other. However difficult the situation may be, there are always ways to find out if someone is divorced.

1. Look For a Ring

A ring is the single easiest way of telling whether someone is married or not. More so, a wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger, so if a person is wearing a ring in that place, it’s best to assume they’re still married. However, at the same time, they may be divorced and are struggling with letting the relationship end. Nevertheless, they’re probably not the best person to start a relationship with. But, if the person you’re scoping out has no ring, it’s safe to assume that the person is either single or divorced. If the person you’re checking out has a job working with machinery or in the foodservice industry, they might have to remove their rings at work due to work requirements, so it’s best to judge whether they’re divorced or not off the clock.

2. Look Through Social Media

Most people have an account on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram. You can quickly search through these social media platforms to figure out whether the person you’re into is still married, such as wedding pictures and photos of their spouse, or divorced/unmarried, if they have neither. However, if the person you’re looking into doesn’t have a social media presence, they may want to avoid the risk of being caught cheating with another person. Which, is safe to say that they are taken and have no sights on divorce.

3. Listen to What They Say

Even the shortest conversation can help answer whether someone is divorced. For example, if you ask a person if they have weekend plans and they say, “my wife and I are going camping,” he’s probably not available. At the same time, if you ask to meet his or her friends or where they live, they may be lying about their marital status. The more excuses they offer, the less likely they’re actually divorced.

4. Notice Where You Spend Time Together

Do you only eat in restaurants in surrounding towns late at night? Do you spend only a few hours together a week? If so, your significant other may not be as divorced or single as they claim. In truth, they may be trying to hide their relationship and avoiding getting caught by their spouse.

5. Notice How They Behave on Their Phone

If the person you’re seeing or dating starts their phone call, such as “Hi, babe” or ends with an “I love you,” your date may not be as single as they claimed. If you assume that your significant other is specific about you touching their phone or secretive about who’s in their contacts, they may not be divorced.

6. Don’t Always Trust Your Gut

Before jumping to conclusions, you should consider all the information you’ve collected before doing anything. Of all the tips we offered above, take them with a grain of salt, everyone is different. For example, if someone doesn’t have a social media account, it doesn’t always mean that they’re taken, they may just not be as social media savvy as you.

7. Ask If They’re Single

Even if it feels embarrassing, sometimes the best way to figure something out, such as whether or not someone is divorced, is to ask it outright. For example, if they show all the signs of being divorced, ask them out on a date. But if they’re in a relationship, ask them about their spouse if they haven’t mentioned him or her in a while. Now, you don’t have to be blunt about it, there are ways to directly ask a question without sounding too rude.

8. Ask Around

If you’re still curious about your crush’s relationship status, ask friends or around their social circle. For example, if you both work together, ask other coworkers if he or she is single or not. However, keep in mind that the fact you’re asking may be found out by the person you’re inquiring about.

9. Find Their Divorce Records

Much like marriage records, divorce records are public. There are three main ways you can search for divorce certificates, determine if someone is legally divorced, and find out when a divorce was filed. Here are instructions on how to use these methods.

Method 1. Searching Court Websites

– Gather basic information about both parties. You won’t be able to locate the records without certain vital information. This includes both spouses names, the wife’s maiden names, and the state and county where the divorce took place. Some counties may also require you to have the date of the divorce.
– Figure out which judicial circuit they filed in. You can find the judicial circuit by looking at the state’s court system website. To get started, visit On this website, you can find the court system’s website.
– Then, begin searching. Look in the records section of the site and search the person’s name. You will be able to see all of their records, including their divorce certificate. In all likelihood, you will not be able to see the actual divorce decree in the website. Instead, you will need to write down the case number and make a direct request with the court directly but you can find out if they are married or divorced.

Method 2. Use the Office of Vital Statistics

– Gather the basics about the divorced couple. These are the same basics listed above in method one.
– Get in contact with the correct office. You will need to reach out to the Vital Statistics office in the same county where the divorce was finalized. These offices can go by different names like Public Health Offices or Vital Records Offices. If you are not sure which office to contact, you can reach out to the state Vital Records Office either over the phone, online, or in person.
– Request the records. In general, you will be able to request these records online. If you are not able to, you will need to visit the office in person and submit a request. You might be required to pay a fee, though it is usually less than $20. You may also be required to include a self-addressed and stamped envelope when you submit your request.
– Wait for your reply. Typically this process takes between two weeks and six months. After this time, you will receive the records in the mail or you will get a call saying the paperwork is available for pickup. This is the lengthiest method you can use to find out if someone is divorced. It is only recommended if the records are on the older side. Be aware that many states do not release records to third parties unless they are close relatives.

Method 3. Enlisting a Private Company

Locate an online database. You can find one of these services by completing a simple Google search. There are plenty of private companies out there that collect divorce information and sell it to the general populous. Searching online is a great method of how to find out privately if someone is divorced.
– Type in the name of the person you are searching for. You can also narrow down your search by providing more information, like where they live.
– Look over your search results. You might receive a lot of results, especially if the person you are searching has a common name. The records will also show the person’s age and where they lived at the time of the divorce. You can use this information to ensure you have the right person.
– Once you have selected the correct name, you will be prompted to enter payment information. Usually, you are allowed to pay with PayPal or a debit or credit card.