Find Records Fast:

There are many things that can be found out about any individual on the planet through some simple Internet searching. In fact, these days a lot of people put out plenty of personal information about themselves on social media. However, to verify someone’s income is not the easiest task in the world. That is something that takes a little more digging.

1) Check With Your College

Your alma mater will not know the exact salary of any particular individual that you are curious about, but they likely have a good way of estimating what that person is making. They compile plenty of information about the income of a person in a variety of different work fields. They need this information to help promote the school and the benefit of a college degree in general. As such, if you want to find out someone’s earnings, you might start by asking your alma mater what they estimate them to be.

2) Public Records

Some salaries are in fact public. Depending on the nature of the situation, you might be able to find out the exact amount that a person makes simply by going through some public records for the information. Public companies are required to disclose to shareholders how much they are paying various executives for example. Since this information is public, there is nothing that someone required to disclose their salary can do about you taking a look at it.

3) Job Research Websites

There are some job board and job research websites out there commonly used by those who are looking for work. They tend to post all kinds of information about the jobs that they have worked at in the past. Some of those websites are as follows:


Each of these is an incredibly valuable resource for finding a job, seeing how much you are worth in your line of work, and estimating how much another person is making. It is not perfect of course, but it is a pretty good way to get in the ballpark of what someone is making.

4) Simply Ask Them

You might need some social courage for this one, but you can always just ask the person what their salary is. It is considered to be rude by a lot of people, but once the question is asked, a lot of people will actually answer it. You might be surprised by just what you can turn up if you are willing to put it all out there and ask someone.

This is not a wise strategy if you are asking someone that you do not know all that well, but if you feel that you have a level of trust with a person it might be worth it. Also, if you can provide for them some kind of reason why you might be asking, that can help as well. It is probably easiest to ask someone whose position is the same or similar to one that you would like to work in.

5) Job Listings

This solution is similar to checking the job research sites, but in this case, you can get an exact number. Checking job listings that a company has put out there tells you at least exactly what that particular company is willing to pay for a starting salary for that position. To find out someone’s salary, you might need to add a percentage of the number that you see to it. It is likely that someone who has been in a position for at least a few years will be earning more than the starting rate for the job when it was first posted.

Estimating the percentage to add to the starting salary is difficult to do. A rough guide would be to add three percent to the number per year that the person has been on the job. That is considered the standard “cost of living” raise amount that a person may expect over time. That being said, it is not universally true that all companies pay that amount.

6) Ask Someone Who Has Worked The Job Before

Do you know someone who has perhaps retired from the same position that you are so curious about? If you do, then you might have just hit the jackpot to find out how much someone makes. That person could tell you what they were making and when. You may then just take that number and adjust it for inflation to figure out the answer to your question. You just have to be sure to always be polite to anyone that you ask for this type of information. Some people are very sensitive to such things as is their right.