Find Records Fast:

Have you ever wanted to find out if someone has a warrant? Perhaps at some point, you have asked yourself, “Do I have a warrant?” While you think you would know the answer to this question, there are some instances when a person has a warrant without their knowledge. This may occur as a result of a missed court date or an unpaid ticket.

There are other instances when a simple administrative error resulted in someone having a warrant of which they were unaware. Fortunately, there are easily accessible resources that can provide the information that you need to find out if you have a warrant and take the necessary steps to resolve the situation.

You can also search for a felony, a misdemeanor, and a court docket to view a record of court proceedings. There are a collection of online resources that provide a range of public criminal records that can be accessed in a short amount of time from your computer. For instance, you can look up sex offenders, court cases, and police reports. You can even check for a DUI, look up court records and find out if someone has been arrested. There are many instances in life when it is necessary to know if someone has been arrested for a crime.

The primary purpose and goal of these computerized records is to keep the public informed. As it relates to sex offenders, registries generally provide their name, location, and offense. The registry may provide the level of their offense and offer an alert if they are non-compliant. You can also look at mugshots of offenders.

Some of the details provided in public records will depend on the jurisdiction. For instance, the information provided in a court docket in Michigan may be different than that of other states. Generally, it will provide a schedule maintained by judges and courthouse staff of what occurs in courtrooms.

  • Macomb County’s online CourtView database provides access to public court records generated by Macomb Country Probate Court and the 16th Judicial Circuit Court.
  • The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office website provides a jail inmate locator that lets you conduct a jail inmate search.
  • On the website of the Michigan State Police, you can find out if someone is a registered sex offender by searching the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.
  • The Crime Stoppers of Michigan website provides information about an arrest made as a result of a tip submitted.