Find Records Fast:

Nebraska differs from many other states in that it is technically a violation of the statute if the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles releases information about the owner of a vehicle with the license plate information alone. This can make it difficult to perform a license plate owner lookup.

If you need to find a license plate number to report an accident or driving violation, you can use the online vanity plate program provided by the Nebraska DMV. You won’t be able to find information about a vehicle’s owner using this tool, but you can easily file reports in the system by clicking on a web link. This form of lookup is available for motorcycles, mobile homes, trailers, and automobiles. The online vanity plate program also allows people to check whether the desired vanity plate has already been issued or not.

People using the Nebraska DMV website are also able to request a vehicle history report by using a car’s vehicle identification number. This is ideal if you’re looking up a vehicle that you might wish to purchase in the future.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, vehicle information and driver information can be released if specific qualifications are met. These include:

  • Use by an employer looking to obtain a commercial vehicle permit or license
  • Use by businesses needing to verify information given to them by the vehicle’s owner
  • Use in order to maintain driver or general vehicle safety

In these circumstances, you can contact the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles through their website, over the phone, or in-person in one of their statewide locations.

Third Party Lookup Sites

It is possible to find the registered owner of a car with a reverse license plate lookup if you use a third party online database. Online databases are run by outside companies rather than the government. They don’t need to adhere to the same privacy guidelines that the Department of Motor Vehicles does. This website allows you to look up a license plate completely free of charge.

Oftentimes third-party databases will have associated fees when you use their searches. You’ll need to make an account and pay any fees before you use their tools.

Another potential drawback of online databases is that they cannot be guaranteed to have the most relevant information. Because the Department of Motor Vehicles keeps so much information private, third parties may not have access to all the information you’re trying to look up.