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There are two main methods of obtaining information about a vehicle using a license plate in Nevada. You can use these methods to find information about the plate history, the vehicle owner, and general information about the vehicle. The first method is to go through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The second is to use a public online database for your information.

How to Find the Registered Owner of a Car Through the DMV

It’s possible to perform a reverse license plate owner lookup through the Department of Motor Vehicles, but you’ll need to go there in person to do so. It may also take a while for the request to process. Unlike other states, which allow you to complete requests online or over the phone, you really do need to be present in-person. You’ll also need to pay a fee to access the information.

This isn’t ideal because the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles are notoriously long, and you may not be able to fit a visit into your schedule regardless. Fortunately, third party sites can help you out.

Using a Third Party Site for Your License Plate Owner Lookup

Online public databases store a wealth of information. Oftentimes any information freely available through the government is also available through one of these databases. They provide the same informational services, but they’re run by outside third parties rather than the government itself.

To perform a license plate lookup with an online database, you’ll first need to make an account with the database of your choice. Then you’ll need to pay any necessary fees. It’s worth noting that any third party fees will be lower than the ones you’ll encounter at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Once you’ve created your account and paid the fees, you can use the website’s search tools to look up the license plate. Simply enter the plate number and click. You’ll be able to access:

  • Information about the vehicle
  • Information about the registered vehicle’s owner
  • Information about the vehicle’s history
  • Details about whether the car has ever been stolen
  • Information about any accidents the vehicle was involved in
  • Information regarding whether the vehicle has ever been declared a salvaged vehicle

This website allows you to complete a license plate search completely free of charge.

If you want to obtain vehicle information in a quick and easy way, a third party provider is the best way to go.