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You wish that you could trust everyone. You would like to take a person at their word. Unfortunately, it is not a kinder and simpler time like the days of Mayberry anymore. This especially holds true in New York City where the crime rates are high, there is a huge population, and people passing through from all over the world. You need to protect yourself. Having access to police reports, court cases, and a list of sex offenders is only one way that you can have more peace of mind. The following sites below can give you the information you need while you are living and working in New York New York.

Visit the Corrections Department for the City of New York Online
Thanks to the Internet, you can save yourself time by doing an online search for information to find out if someone has been arrested. This is a good place to start if you are concerned about someone that you may hire for your place of business. If you are considering having a relationship with someone and have questions about a criminal history or you are concerned about who your child is dating, this site can provide you with helpful information. You can also look here to find out if someone has a warrant. You may even wonder, “Do I have a warrant?” If so, this is the site for you. It will also advise you on what you should do if you do have a warrant to resolve the matter.

Visit the Commission of Correction
If you want to perform a jail inmate search, you can go to the Commission of Correction. This site can help you to locate an inmate in a New York City facility. You can also look in county jails outside the city or New York State prisons. One website gives you a wealth of information.

Go to the Division of Criminal Justice Services
When you visit the Division of Criminal Justice Services, you will have access to the Public Registry of Sex Offenders. Find out if someone is a registered sex offender in your area, if you are concerned about an individual who is involved with your family members, or you are thinking about moving into a neighborhood. You want as much information as you can possibly find.

Seek Criminal Records at the Corrections Department
In addition to finding warrant information, you can look up court records, check for a DUI, find a court docket, and research a felony or misdemeanor. Look at mugshots. Get the valuable information you need when you need to check up on family members, your partner, or people on the job. You need to be informed in order to protect yourself and people who matter to you. If you are worried that someone isn’t honest or you think someone you love could be at risk, you can do a criminal record search to make sure you are in the know.