Find Records Fast:

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is responsible for the record keeping of all vehicles across the state. Their responsibilities are the same as those of the DMV in other states. However, this department doesn’t offer comprehensive options for a license plate owner lookup. You’ll need to use a third party option to perform this type of search.

Using a Third Party Service to Perform a Reverse License Plate Lookup

Many online public databases have access to information about registered vehicles. These databases compile millions of private and public records and make them available for a price. To use an online public database, you’ll need to create an account, pay any fees, and access their search tools. Make sure that the database you use contains the information you need, as available information varies from website to website. You can also use this website to perform a license plate lookup completely free of charge.

This type of search is ideal if you need to find the registered owner of a vehicle or confirm a vehicle’s history.

Benefits of a License Plate Lookup

Looking up a license plate will give you access to the following information:

  • The current owner of the car
  • The car’s VIN number
  • The vehicle history

You can find out whether the car has ever been reported stolen and be sure that the current owner is the legal owner. You’ll also have information about whether the car has ever been recalled or structurally damaged. Confirming the VIN on a car you may want to purchase is essential. The vehicle history report will tell you the odometer of the car, which you can compare against the car itself to be sure there isn’t odometer fraud.

Additionally, the vehicle history report will tell you about any previous accidents and about how often the car has been serviced. You’ll be told the cost of running the car and the average gas mileage, so you can budget for potentially owning the car.

If you’re looking for the owner of a vehicle to contact them about their vehicle, oftentimes a second search on a third party site for their name will yield important contact information. You can find a phone number or email address to get in contact with them.

A license plate lookup is ideal for people looking to purchase a car or people looking for a car’s owner. If you’re concerned about suspicious activity or an accident, you should call the local police before you perform a license plate lookup.