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You’re here because you want to lookup Orange County warrants. You probably want to know if you have a warrant for your arrest or maybe someone you know may have an arrest warrant. Either way, I will show you how to search for Orange County California arrest warrants. You will be able to see the person’s name, why they are wanted by the police, warrant number and more. You can see if they have a misdemeanor warrant, felony warrant for their arrest or a bench warrant. Either way having an active warrant will get you arrested some time or the other so it’s best to take care of your warrant.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Warrant Search

  • Search for warrants by name and or date of birth.

Failure To Appear Warrant Information

  • If you fail to appear as indicated on your citation or ordered by the court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest in addition to other penalties. Answers to questions such as “What if I fail to appear or comply with a court order?” “How do I take care of my warrant?” “How do I take care of a DMV hold?” These questions will be answered on this page.

Orange County DA Most Wanted

  • View pictures of people who are wanted by the District Attorney in Orange County California. Click the person’s name and view their charges and details about the case.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Most Wanted

  • View pictures of people wanted by the OCSD. You can view their charges and details about the person’s case.

OC Crime Catchers Most Wanted Resources

  • Resources for:

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Cypress’ Most Wanted
FBI’S Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Terrorists
Fullerton’s Most Wanted
Fountain Valley’s Most Wanted
Garden Grove’s Most Wanted
Huntington Beach’s Most Wanted
Interpol’s Most Wanted US Fugitives
Orange PD’s Most Wanted
Orange County District Attorney’s Most Wanted
Santa Ana Most Wanted
Secret Service Most Wanted –Santa Ana Office
Tustin Most Wanted
Westminster Most Wanted

Using the resources above you will be able to check for warrants in Orange County California for free with no problem at all. You can see who’s wanted, who has a criminal record and get information on how to clear up a warrant.