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If you’re looking for arrest warrants in Pennington County then don’t worry I will show you exactly how to find out who’s wanted in Pennington County. Someone you know may have a warrant for their arrest or you may want to see if you have a warrant. Whatever the reason may be I will show you how to search the warrant database to look for people who have active outstanding warrants for their arrest. Some may have felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants, bench warrants and maybe even warrants for their arrest because of child support.

Pennington County Warrants Search

  • Following is a list of all of the warrants currently active in Pennington County. Use the Search option to find warrants by name. Use the scrollbar on the right side of the page to scroll to the bottom of longer pages. This list is updated daily. You will see the person’s name, address and why they have a warrant for their arrest.

Pennington County Warrant Division

  • Warrants are classified by the State Legislature and are done so by the severity of the crime and the ultimate penalty. The classifications are:

Petty Offense, e.g. (No seat belt);
Misdemeanor, (e.g. speeding),
Felony, (e.g. burglary).

Whether you have a warrant that can be paid and does not require a court appearance or a warrant that you would have to post a bond, you can come to the Public Safety Building anytime, day or night, and a deputy will be glad to assist you in clearing your warrant.

Pennington County Felony Warrant Alerts

  • View booking photos and charges for people who are wanted for a felony warrant in Pennington County. These people have felony warrants for their arrest so do not approach them.

Pennington County Most Wanted

  • View mugshots and photos of people who are the most wanted fugitives in Pennington County South Dakota. You will be able to view their photo and why they are wanted by the police.

Using the resources above you will be able to search warrant databases to see who’s wanted by the police in Pennington County South Dakota. You can see the person’s charges, where their last residence was and more. Use the warrant searches for free to see if you have a warrant or if someone you know is wanted by the police for a crime.