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If you live in the state of Pennsylvania and need to look up a license plate number, there are a few ways it can be done. However, if you decide to perform this take, you should have good reason to do so. In most cases, people use reverse license plate lookup to find out information about a vehicle. This can be useful information if you are ready to buy a vehicle and need to know more about your investment.

How To Find A License Plate?

Some of the ways you can garner more information about a license plate are by using the DMV. However, this is only good when the police or other government agencies need this type of information. There are some states that will give out this type of information. You will need to check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to see if they will find the registered owner of a vehicle. In most cases, it requires the individual to fill out a form and pay a fee. You will undoubtedly need your identification and give a reason why you need the information.

The information you gain through a license plate owner lookup will have all of what you need to know about the vehicle:

  • vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • VIN Number
  • The License plate holder’s address
  • The license plate holder’s name.
  • Vehicle history regarding wrecks.
  • Information as to whether or not the title has been transferred.

Before you purchase a vehicle, you will want to know the vehicle’s history. Often times, people are not very honest when giving out correct vehicle history. You will want to know if the vehicle has been involved in accidents or if there is any other pertinent business regarding the sale. Finding this information will save you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

Third-Party Vendors

Third-party vendors will provide this information for a fee. Sites like or and others allow you to look up many things like license plates and VIN information. These are the steps of using a third-party vendor:

  • Enter the license plate number into the appropriate screens
  • Double check the information to ensure correctness
  • Fill in credit/debit card information to pay a fee
  • Submit information
  • Receive confirmation
  • Retrieve license plate information

If you are able to successfully perform a reverse license plate look up with a third-party vendor, you better make sure you are obtaining the information for the right purpose. Anything else can land you in jail. Under the Drivers Protection Act of 1994, information provided is not to be used in an illegal manner or shared with others. Keep this in mind before you perform a search.