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You’re here because you want to view the Pierce County Jail Roster so you can see who’s locked up, who’s been released from the county jail in the past 24 hours and maybe you just want to browse mugshots of people who got arrested. Don’t worry I will give you the resources to find out who got arrested and why someone got arrested in Pierce County. You can view the jail roster list to view booking photos, date someone got arrested, if the person got charged with a DUI, felony, misdemeanor and find out when someone is getting out of jail. For more in depth information you can run a background check on someone.

Legal Information Network Exchange 

Use LINX search to find inmates. Using the Pierce County LINX jail roster you can see who has been arrested or charged with a crime that involved an arrest. You can search by Cause number or the person’s last name to display a list of Superior Court Cases that involve the criteria that you chosen. You can search criminal cases, civil, domestic, probate and or tax warrants.

LINX jail roster list

View the inmates names, booking number, future release date, PCN number, arresting agency, charges, when the inmate has court, jurisdiction cause #, incident #, sentencing, disposition date and more.

For inmate information and release information by phone call the Pierce County VINE® Program (1-877-846-3492).  VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. VINE is a free, anonymous, computer-based service.  Callers may choose to register for an automated notification call when an inmate is released, transfers, or escapes.

Using the resources above you will be able to see who got arrested and when. You can view pictures of people in jail in Pierce County. View the inmate roster lists to see who’s in jail in Pierce County. You can find out when someone is getting out of jail and when they may get sentenced and have to go to court for a crime they committed.