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You’re here because you are searching for active warrants in Potter County Texas. You may want to know if you have a warrant for your arrest or find out if someone else does. When you search the warrant database you will be able to see who is wanted, mugshots and photos of the people who have warrants, details about the charges and more. So regardless of the reason why you’re looking to check for Potter County warrants, I will show you how to locate and search for warrants in your area of Texas.

Potter County Active Warrants

  • Brought to you by the Sheriff’s Office you can see an updated list of active warrants in PDF format. You will see only the person’s name, birthday and charges.

Potter County Sheriff’s Office Public Records

  • If you think you have a warrant it is important to contact a warrant’s deputy immediately. Even if you are working, you can be arrested for the warrant at your place of employment.

Amarillo Texas Warrant Database

  • Search the warrant database by name. View the citation number, charges, violation date and the amount of money the person owes.

Amarillo Crime Stoppers

  • View the most wanted fugitives in Amarillo Texas. Also, view updates on other crimes in the area that people are wanted for.

Amarillo Warrants Information

  • General information such as: Your warrant may be canceled if you plead “no contest” or “guilty” to the warrant charge and pay the fine. Payments must be approved by the Judge. Capias Pro fine (capias warrants) must be paid in full. A capias warrant is issued when you have failed to make payments as ordered. If you want to plead Not Guilty to a charge after an arrest warrant has been issued, you must appear in front of the Judge to post the required bond and obtain a Court date.

Amarillo Police Warrant Info

  • To find out whether you have an outstanding warrant you may view the website or you may call the City of Amarillo Municipal Court at 378-9342.