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You’re here because you want to search for warrants in Queens New York. That’s no problem I will show you some resources that will help you to find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest or to check if you have an outstanding warrant. You may have a bench warrant from a judge, a child support warrant or you could be looking for a fugitive from justice. Regardless of the reason you want to see if someone is wanted I will show you how to find out who has an arrest warrant. You can also do background checks and check out someone’s record online pretty easily with the right access.

Arrest Warrants 

You can get information about arrest warrants issued by the New York City Police Department by contacting the NYC Criminal Court information line at (646) 386-4500.

If the police have a warrant for your arrest, you may turn yourself in at any local police precinct.


The Tax Warrants are filed with this office from the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. The fee to obtain a certified copy of the warrant is $8.00.

Child Support Enforcement Warrants

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (“DTF”) files warrants in county clerks’ offices throughout the state pursuant to Section 171-i of the Tax Law to enforce collection of child support and/or combined spousal and child support arrears. Pursuant to Section 6 of the Tax Law, DTF sends the Department of State a notice of the fact that such warrants have been filed. The Department of State maintains an electronic database of the warrant-related notices presented by DTF. These notices may be searched by debtor name, by debtor city, by county of warrant filing, or by any combination of the foregoing.

The resources above will help you to find out if someone has a warrant in Queens New York. You can find out if someone got arrested or is still wanted by the police.

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