Find Records Fast:

You might be curious about the criminal past of someone you know in Salt Lake County, Utah. You are curious how you can possibly find out details about their background. It may seem impossible at first glance.

You might want to check for a DUI or other records. Did the person you know drive while intoxicated? Is it safe for me or my family to ride with them? Maybe you have young children. You want to make sure it is safe to play outside in your neighborhood. It’s reasonable to be cautious. Do you also want to find out if someone is a registered sex offender? You might just want to be safe so you are never sorry.

Maybe you are dating someone new. That someone hasn’t been very talkative about their past. Did they get a misdemeanor or a felony? Maybe you just want to find out if someone has a warrant. You also might want to find out if someone has been arrested recently. They are acting more stressed or worried than usual. There are a variety of reasons why we are curious about others. They may be co-workers, friends or loved ones. Maybe it is a new neighbor who is acting suspicious.

Maybe you haven’t seen your relative or friend in some time. You can actually do a jail inmate search. This allows you to look up inmates by name and other information.

It’s possible you may also want to view court cases, police reports and the court docket. Do you have a court case coming up in the near future? It’s valuable information for those who need it.

You can look up court records by using this website from Salt Lake County.

The sex offender and kidnapper registry is listed here on the Utah Department of Corrections website. This might give you more peace of mind if there is something you are suspicious about.

You can browse through the inmate database by using this portal. You can search by using names, booking numbers, state identification or permanent number.

Criminal records and much more can be accessed through the Utah Department of Public Safety website. You can also view cold cases and missing persons here.

You can find inmates using the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department website. You can also look up warrants. “Do I have a warrant for my arrest,” you might ask. It’s found on this page pprovidedby the Sheriff’s office. You can also search court dockets.

The Salt Lake City most wanted are located here. Maybe you just want to be on the lookout for possible felons.

Why are these all important? They give citizens in Salt Lake County, Utah an opportunity to find out answers to questions that might not be answered. Maybe the sex offenders list is all you need. Perhaps you just want to look at mugshots. It’s all available through various means in Salt Lake County.

You can rest easier maybe if you know if someone questionable doesn’t have a criminal record. Maybe you want to do distance yourself from those who do. Perhaps you need to know about someone close to you. Perhaps the question is about information regarding your accident or criminal activity. The information is readily accessible.