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You’re here because you want to look up warrants in Tarrant County Texas. You may want to know if you have a warrant for your arrest or if someone you know has an active warrant in Tarrant County. Either way, I will show you how to check for warrants in Tarrant County and other Texas criminal records online.

Fort Worth Warrant Search

  • Check outstanding warrants by name, citation number, warrants by case number and you can search for warrants by name. Searching the Fort Worth warrant database makes it easy to see who has a warrant. View mugshots, names and details about why the person is wanted.

There are two types of warrants that may be issued by the court:

  • Alias Warrants are issued for individuals who fail to appear to answer to C misdemeanor charges.
  • Capias Pro-Fine are issued when an individual has been assessed a fine but has failed to comply with the court’s orders.

Tarrant County Texas Criminal Warrants Division

  • If you wish to know if you or another individual has a criminal warrant for their arrest, you will need to contact a licensed bondsman or attorney to get that information. It is not the policy of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office to release criminal warrant information to the general public. This information is only given to licensed bondsmen, attorneys, or law enforcement agencies.

Tarrant County Misdemeanor Active Warrants 

  • View the name and case number of people who have an active arrest warrant for a misdemeanor charge.

Tarrant County Most Wanted

  • View weekly most wanted posters in Tarrant County. You can view the photo of the wanted fugitive, charges etc.

Tarrant County Crime Stoppers

  • View people who are wanted for questioning and are suspects in crimes. Also, view wanted fugitives in Tarrant County Texas.

Arlington Warrant Search

  • Search the City of Arlington Municipal Court records for people that have failed to appear for scheduled court appearances and a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

Do I have a warrant for my arrest in Arlington?

  • Having an outstanding warrant in the City of Arlington could result in your arrest. Not paying those citations could also impact your ability to renew your driver’s license.

Using the resources above you will be able to check if someone has a warrant for their arrest in parts of Texas.