Find Records Fast:

So you want to find out who the owner of a property is don’t worry you can conduct a totally free reverse address lookup online right now. Whether the property is residential or commercial you can find out who owns a property by doing a simple Google search. So if you have questions like “Who lived at this address?” “How can I do a property search by someone’s name?” “How can I find the history of my house address?” We can help you answer these questions.


1.) Local Assessor Offices

Bam! All these properties must pay property taxes, so when you conduct a local property assessor search you can find the assessors office and search by parcel number and or address to find out who the deeded owner of the property is.

So, for instance, say I want to find the owner of a property in Marion County Indiana. I could do a search in Google for “Marion County Indiana Property Assessors” “Marion County Property Records Assessors Office” or “Marion County Indiana Assessors Office”

property assessors office

Doing this search will provide me with the Government office that handles property taxes but what I really want to know is…. who the owner of the property is.

Once I click on the Assessor office page I will get something like this…

But what I want is the property records to show ownership of a property I want to know about. Typically I can find these records by clicking “Tax Information” “Property Record Cards” “Property Tax Information” “Property Records” if you have trouble just give them a call and I’m sure they can point you in the right direction. In our example, the property records are under “Property Record Cards”.

Once I click “Property Record Cards” I will be shown a page like this.

property search

As you can see I can search by parcel number, by the owner’s name, and by the address. This is a sure fire way to do a reverse address lookup without paying a dime. All you have to do is find the property assessors office page and gain access to their property tax records search.

2.) WhitePages Reverse Address Lookup

whitepages reverse address

Sometimes you just need to quickly find out who lives at a residence and you can easily do that with the Whitepages address lookup tool. The Whitepages has a huge database of property owners and people who live at an address and you can look them up for free. They do have up to date information on property ownership so it’s worth a shot. Not every time you’ll get a hit and sometimes they will show you ads but for the most part, you can do an address lookup for free using the Whitepages.


addresses reverse address search reverse address lookup is basically┬áthe same as the Whitepages address search but a bit of a different layout when you search that I feel is more user-friendly. Either way, it’s definitely a totally free address lookup.