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How can you access Westchester County, New York criminal records? Maybe you want to find out if someone has an arrest warrant? You could need to find out if someone has been arrested. Is there a way to find this information online? You might wonder how to perform such searches. Most of the information you need is readily available to citizens in Westchester County. You can search for it from the privacy of your home.

You can look up court records, check police reports and search your area for sex offenders. Why would you need access to this information? You might have every reason to do a background check on a specific individual. Maybe someone has given you reason to be suspicious. Some red flags may have been raised in a talk with a new neighbor. A new love interest might not be opening up enough. Do they possibly have a dark secret you don’t know about? You might struggle to ask about past problems or issues. You may just want to check on a loved one or friend. It’s very possible you will find the information you need online within minutes.

You can look at mugshots, check for a DUI and browse through court cases. You can even find out if someone is a registered sex offender.

It’s also easy to find a list of the most wanted fugitives in Mount Vernon and Westchester County when you utilize this portal. The Yonkers Police Department has another page dedicated to more most wanted fugitives here.

You can look through the Westchester County Clerk court records by using this portal. Maybe you want to see the court docket for upcoming court appearances. Perhaps you don’t remember your court date. You might want to see what happened in a specific case. You might have been involved or just need information for a friend.

Every sex offender is also required to register with this online database. It’s provided by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. You could have children at home. It could ease your mind to know that sex offenders aren’t living near your residence.

You can perform a jail inmate search in Westchester using this page.

How do you find out if someone has a warrant? You can look through this website called Warrant Watch.

You may be curious to know what is online about your personal background. Do I have a warrant? What does my mugshot look like? When is my court date? The good news is you don’t always have to drive to court or the police department to gain access to these records.

Maybe you just want to ease your mind about that new neighbor. They talked about being in jail. Was it a felony or misdemeanor? Do you have reason to worry about them living in close proximity? The information is just a few clicks away these days. It’s relatively simple to find all the court and police information you need in Westchester County utilizing the above links.