Whose phone number is this?… This is all too common of a question these days. I will show you some free and paid ways to find out who called you. You can easily learn how to trace a phone number that’s been calling you, find out who someone has been texting and also block those spam numbers from calling you again.

1.) Caller ID (free-sorta) Must give out your phone number and other access to your data

Hiya - caller id





  • I’m assuming most of you have a smart phone so the most obvious first thing you should do is have caller ID on your phone. Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) is a real dope, useful caller ID. Great for an extra layer of caller identification. Great app to see who is calling you.

a.) Identifies unknown calls and texts

b.) Detects spam and scam phone calls

c.) Provides spam and scam phone call reporting

d.) Automatically blocks unwanted calls

e.) Perform a reverse phone search on an unknown number to find out if it is spam, fraudulent, or a legitimate caller.

2.) Google Search 

google phone search




Type the phone number in google (area code first) and see what you can find. Most of the time you will see a bunch of reverse phone lookup websites that won’t provide you much info. However, some times you will see the person’s Facebook page, a business or other personal page registered to that phone number. This is obviously one of the best free ways to do a reverse phone lookup.

3.) Trapcall ($3.95 + per month)




  • Trapcall available on a desktop or an app has some really awesome features that you will have to pay for but many think that it’s worth it. Another killer service to find out who’s been calling you.

a.) Block an anonymous call and it will ring back “unmasked”

b.) Automatic spam blocking

c.) Blacklist harassing callers

d.) Put names and faces to callers

e.) Record incoming calls

f.) By forcing ‘Unknown’ callers to identify themselves, you will know who is calling before you answer.

See all the features here.

4.) Spydialer.com (free, share contacts and paid)

spydialer reverse phone search




With Spydialer (when available) you can hear the person’s voicemail, see their phone number, see the person’s photo or see if it’s a spam call. It’s a pretty cool reverse phone tool because it is really free because many people share their phone contacts in order to conduct free phone number searches. This is one of the reasons they have compiled a pretty decent database of phone numbers. So if you’ve ever had a question “Who’s calling me from this number?” then Spydialer may be able to help.

5.) Facebook




  • If you’ve ever had a question like this: “Who’s telephone number is this that keeps calling me?” Then Facebook can help you. Once you are logged in go to the search bar on Facebook and then type the person’s phone number in it and see what shows up. It’s that simple! As long as the person doesn’t have their phone number private then it will show up if they have a Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to locate phone numbers for free.

6.) Whitepages Reverse Phone (free but mostly paid)

whitepages reverse phone




  • “Who does this phone number belong to?” You may have asked yourself that a few times. You may have some luck using the Whitepages Reverse phone search but it will be for mainly landline and business phone numbers. To find out who owns a cell phone number you will 99.9% of the time have to pay for it using the Whitepages, because they mainly only have landline phone numbers listed with very little exception. So if you want to find out who owns a cell phone number then you will probably need to go another route.