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Transportation in the state of Wyoming is managed by the Department of Transportation. This government branch keeps records for all vehicles registered across the entire state. They also keep records of motorists, driver’s licenses, and traffic violations. If you need information about a vehicle in Wyoming, the Department of Transportation is the place that houses the records. The branch carries out the same responsibilities as the DMV in other states.

How to Do a License Plate Owner Lookup Through the DOT

The Department of Transportation will have all of the information about a vehicle based on its license plate. They’ll know who owns the vehicle, what the title history is, and whether the vehicle has ever been involved in suspicious activity. However, searching for a license plate with the DOT has a fee of $5. You’ll also need to provide a reason for your search.

You’ll have to submit an official request with the vehicle’s plate number and whether the vehicle is a motorcycle, truck, or passenger car. You should state the year and make of the vehicle.

The search request will be processed through the DOT. These forms have to be submitted in person through your local DOT office. Depending on the day and how busy the office is, your request might be granted immediately or take a few days to process.

There’s a lot of hassle to this method of looking up information. Many people don’t have the time to go to the DOT office, especially when the lines are long and slow. The official form also takes a significant amount of time to fill out. If you want to find the registered owner of a car quickly and efficiently, you’ll be better off using a third party.

Using an Online Database to Do a Reverse License Plate Lookup

Online databases store official records of all different types. Because the information regarding vehicle registrations and titles is already public, there’s a good chance online databases will have updated copies of this information.

To do a license plate search with a third party database, you’ll need to make an account with whichever site you choose. You should compare and contrast the types of records that the database houses to be sure that you’re finding the information you need. It’s always best to start with a free database like this one, which lets you perform a license plate owner check against millions of records free of charge.

You’ll be spared the hassle of filling out an official form or even leaving your house. A second search will often give you contact information and registration details for the vehicle owner. If you’re intending to buy a car, you can check the vehicle history report against the seller’s information to be sure everything is accurate.