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License plates are issued to vehicles by all states to facilitate the official identification. Before you can look up a license plate in Arizona, you ought to know that like in most other countries, the Arizona Department of Transportation issues two types of license plates to vehicles:
• Standard Arizona license plate
• Specialty plates.

The standard plates indicate:
• The name of the state
• A setting sun
• A background of mountains
• The terms ‘Grand Canyon State’
In contrast, the specialty plates are officially given to vehicles that belong to organizations or institution only.

Looking up License Plate or Vehicle Information in Arizona

For you to lookup license plate information that you need, you will need to request it via mail or do an online search. The latter is easier, faster, and more reliable compared to the former since all the license plate data is available for you on the internet. Various online public databases ran by private agencies can be accessed by any individual with the pages. All the information pertaining to the license plate and the particular vehicle is readily available for you here.

When you obtain the specific database you want to use, you are only required to sign up by filling up all the information needed. The next step will be for you to pay the fee indicated on the database’s website and then search for the information you require.

These steps are summarized into:
• Sign up to the particular website.
• Agreeing to the specified terms and conditions of the license plate search tool.
• Input the license plate number in full.
• Input the state where the vehicle is registered.
• Begin your search

To search for this information, you need to first input the vehicle’s license plate number or the name of its owner. The type of information you can obtain with respect to the searched license plate for a vehicle includes:
• The owner’s first and late name.
• The owner’s address history.
• Records of the license plate.
• The vehicle’s registration data.
• Data on safety and recall.
• The vehicle’s VIN number.
• Driving record associated with the car
• Criminal and all public records about the vehicle

Other than doing an online search for license plate information yourself, you can request the data from the Arizona Department of Transportation by:
• Making a phone call
• Sending a mail
• Making an online request via the department’s website.

You can make a phone call to 907-269-5559 and the information may be accessed and given to you immediately or after a short while.

If you opt to send a mail, draft your request and send it to the following address:
Arizona Department of Transportation
1300 Arizona Department of Transportation
395 S. Washington
St. Johns, AZ 85936

Another option for you to consider when in need of license plate or vehicle information is to send an online request to the Arizona Department of Transportation. This can be done via the department’s website,

While license plate lookup is easy for you, it is essential that you identify the most suitable, effective, and quick way of accessing the information needed. Searching for the information through online public databases is the easiest and most convenient option for you. Making a phone call and sending an online request are also easy but not as quick as the online search. Sending a request via mail, on the other hand, is the slowest of the four ways.

Why you need license plate lookup services in Arizona

It is vital to know the information about a vehicle particularly if you are looking to purchase a used vehicle. The Arizona license plate lookup services present you with an opportunity to access information about the history of the vehicle. They also allow you to find out who the owner of a vehicle is.

If the used vehicle you are looking to buy has been damaged by flood waters at some point in time, you will be able to see that in its history. Unless you are comfortable buying a flood damaged car, this kind of information will help you avoid wasting your money on a vehicle that is in a poor condition.

The reports available for used cars are inclusive of odometer crimes, title lien, title information, accident reports, as well as maintenance records for the vehicle.

The main aim of the Arizona license plate lookup services, in this case, is to help you pick the right vehicle based on your specified needs. You are thus able to avoid high cost mistakes by buying a used car that is well maintained and by accessing all reports regarding the history of the vehicle and its usage.

Reverse license plate lookup is a good strategy encouraged by the Arizona Department of Transportation as it helps you access vehicle documentation information. This is particularly important when you come across an accident, a drunk driver, hit-and-run incidences, and other associated risks to road safety. However, this is only helpful if you are able to quickly get the license plate number of the vehicle involved in the incident.

Arizona, like the other American states, is governed under the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, which prevents unauthorized access to a driver’s or vehicle information. For one to own and access the Arizona license plate search tools, he or she must adhere to the requirements of the law under this act. This ensures that information about you as a driver or your vehicle is protected unless a valid and lawful reason is behind the access.

Now you know what to do and what to look for when searching for the history of a vehicle you wish to buy or when you want to know more about the vehicle’s driver. The Arizona reverse license plate lookup is highly effective, easy, fast, and convenient. It will help you save a lot of time and money by giving you access to all the valuable information you need to know about a vehicle and its owner.

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