Find Records Fast:

There are a number of ways to look up court cases, court dockets and records in the state of Arkansas. But Arkansas Court Connect is probably one of the most thorough sites available. Records can be found by simply entering the name and case number if available. Court Connect can locate information regarding misdemeanor, civil and felony cases.

Which counties within the state of Arkansas has records on CourtConnect?

You can access court record information from every county within the state of Arkansas. However, certain counties only offer partial information available. You may utilize other ways to obtain the information.

How to use the database software

  • You can perform a direct search on the website.
  • Select the search by person name, case or displayed case information.
  • Once you receive the information, double check the accuracy ie make sure you have the correct case that matches the name and case number.

How can I access a specific court on CourtConnect?

  • To find a specific court, the court must be using the available software on the website
  • Once the court information is updated, the courthouse is notified so the information can be listed and accessed.

Another important site to lookup a court case in Arkansas is This site has access to most Arkansas court records. You can find information regarding records in the district courts and the circuit courts. Access to this site also requires a fee for a search.

Court records are also available directly at county websites. If you are looking for information on a particular court case, you may go directly to the site where the incident took place and a record should be on file.

Process of obtaining county court records:

  • Do a court search – There are search boxes where you may put in the information and do a search. If you find the court record, you will need to pay a fee.
  • Mail in information – The court will provide you with an address where you can mail in information. Be sure to fill out downloadable forms completely and sign them. You will need to put in the appropriate fee and mail it in. The entire process with mail-in could take a few weeks.
  • In person – You can walk into a local courthouse and receive information. In some cases, you will be able to perform your own search. But there are times when the clerk can perform the search for you. You will receive your copy after paying a fee.

Regardless of whether you are looking for civil, felony, misdemeanor or other court records, you are able to obtain a copy under the Judicial system Freedom of Information Act (FOI). The only court records that cannot be accessed are ones that are sealed.

If you need more information about obtaining Arkansas court records, contact the websites listed. You may also contact your local courthouse for more information.