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You’re here because you want to learn how to find out if someone has a felony conviction on their record. There may be many reasons why you want to see if someone is a felon, well don’t worry I will show you how to check a person’s rap sheet for felonies.

1.) Public Record Databases

Checking a person’s public records for felonies is one of the easiest ways to see if someone is a felon. The public record databases will have a list of the person’s criminal charges and convictions. This is where you will see if someone was convicted of a felony or not. Start off with doing a name search on Once you sign up for a few dollars then you can perform unlimited searches on anyone

unlimited background checks


Now that I’m in the member’s area I will conduct a search for someone.

felony lookup


Choose the person that you are wanting to check the criminal convictions of and click view details. Once you have clicked view details then you will be brought to a report. In the report, you can check the person’s criminal record that is on file and seeĀ if the person has a felony conviction.

felony conviction


Most of the information I blurred out but as you can see by the red arrows I pointed out the case number and a felony. So, in this case, this person does have a felony. I can also take that case number and conduct a case number search and find out, even more, information about this person’s criminal history. So if someone is a sex offender you will know about it too.

2.) Federal Inmate Lookups

Most Department of Corrections websites will list current and previous inmates. If a person was sent to prison then you can see what they went to prison for and if it was a felony, which in most cases if the person was sent to prison then they will have a felony on their record.

3.) Currently or Previously ArrestedĀ 

If the person is currently or was previously incarcerated at a local jail or Sheriff’s Department then you can see why they got locked up. Some Sheriff websites even list previous inmates dating back several years. So if the person was in police custody or incarcerated at a local jail then you can see why they got arrested and check if it was a felony arrest. Here is a step by step guide to learn how to find out what a person went to jail for.