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You’re here because you want to lookup Benton County warrants. You may want to see if someone has a warrant for their arrest or check if you have a warrant. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how you can check for warrants in Benton County Arkansas. You will be able to view mugshots of the people who are wanted, find out why someone is wanted by law enforcement and find out if someone is currently in police custody. You can find felony warrants, misdemeanor warrants, child support warrants and or bench warrants.

Benton County Active Warrants 

  • See who’s wanted by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office and why. You can find out when the warrant was issued and if the warrant is currently active. You can see the warrant number, the name of the person who’s wanted, the person’s age and more. Search for warrants by name using this database.

Warrant Search Results by Name

  • See who’s wanted in Benton County and find out what for.

Benton County Most Wanted Fugitives

  • Protect your family, your neighborhood, and the nation by helping the Benton County Sheriff’s Office catch wanted fugitives. Rewards are offered in some cases. There are also links to missing persons as well as background check information. Use our Most Wanted Facebook pages to view information and pictures to find specific cases as well as connect with other people in our community helping to keep our streets and homes a safe place to live. View US Marshals Most Wanted, ICE Most Wanted, FBI Most Wanted & ATF Most Wanted. View the top 10 most wanted criminals and what they are wanted for. View State police news and more information regarding people who are wanted criminals.

Using the resources above you can easily check for people who are wanted in your area and around your neighborhood. You can find out if your neighbor next door is wanted for a crime or check if someone you know has a warrant for their arrest. You will be able to see who’s wanted and find out why someone is wanted by the police.