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You’re here because you want to know who’s wanted in Bexar County Texas. You may have a feeling that you have a warrant for your arrest or you want to check if someone you know has an outstanding warrant. Either way, I will show you how you can lookup warrants in Bexar County in a matter of minutes. You will be able to view booking photos and mugshots of people who are wanted by the police, you can view their charges, birth date, most current address and more.

Bexar County Warrants Division

  • It is the duty of the Warrant Division to enforce state laws and enforce the clearance and disposition of all warrants issued to the Constable’s office by the Justice of the Peace Courts. Our office works closely with all law enforcement agencies throughout Bexar County on all warrants of arrest. Most of our Precinct 1 misdemeanor class “C” warrants are a result of unpaid traffic citations or truancy warrants.
  • The Warrant Division mails notices to all individuals with a warrant of arrest as a courtesy. If no response is attempted by the defendant to settle the warrant then the Warrant Division pursues all possible means available in locating and arresting the individual.

DWI Family Violence Fugitive Search

  • Search for people who are wanted for DUI’s and or family violence misdemeanors. You can search by name and search all the courts to see who is wanted by the police in Bexar County Texas.

How Do I Find Out If I Have a Warrant?

  • Answers to FAQ’s about warrants.

San Antonio Municipal Court Warrants & Detention Overview

  • FAQ’s such as:

How can I pay a warrant?
Can I make payments, take defensive driving, or get probation for this?
Will this appear on my driving record?
Can I be arrested if I come to see a Judge?
Arrest warrant letters are coming to my residence for a previous occupant. How can I stop them?
A relative with arrest warrants is using my home address. How do I keep the police from coming here for this relative who refuses to stop using my address and does not reside here?
I have active warrants and I want to visit someone in jail. Can I do that without being arrested?
I am currently serving time on an unrelated charge. Can I get some credit for the time I am spending in jail to clear warrants?
My driver’s license is about to expire. Can I get a new license with outstanding warrants?
I was arrested and spent three days in jail. Why do I still have outstanding warrants?

Bexar County Most Wanted

  • View mugshots of people who are the most wanted criminals in Bexar County.

San Antonio Crime Stoppers

  • Find out who the wanted suspects for crimes are. Help solve cases, submit tips and see who’s on the run from the law.

Using the resources above you will be able to find out who has a warrant for their arrest and how to clear up a warrant if you’re wanted. You will be able to see why someone is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office and when. This makes it easy to conduct an arrest warrant check online in a matter of a few minutes. You can also search for more criminal records in Texas.