Is it possible someone you know was arrested and is currently being detained in Douglas County, Minnesota? Have you wondered how you can privately access the Douglas County MN jail roster? Using this website, you can access many important pieces of information related to recent arrests. This allows you to see the information you want without leaving home. You don’t have to drive down to the jail to ask questions.

You could have various reasons why you would need to access this information online from the comfort of your own home computer. Did someone you know get in trouble with local law enforcement? Are they being detained after getting a DUI? Maybe they were caught drinking and driving and spent the night in jail. Maybe they were too embarrassed to make a call.

Were they arrested last night for a burglary? Are they in police custody for an armed robbery? Were they arrested last week on drug charges? Crimes come in many shapes and sizes. You want to find out of the information quickly.

The important thing is you can see who’s in jail. Maybe you want to know when someone was booked into jail. You can find out their actual booking date. You can also find out when someone is getting out of jail. You might need to be their ride home. You might just want to comfort the person in their time of need. Maybe you were the victim of a crime. Maybe you want to know when that person will also be released.

The past 24 hours may have been tough for you and your family. Maybe a loved one hasn’t returned home. You could wonder if they are currently locked up. The jail roster allows you to find out if someone went to jail. You can search the mugshots online or look at the list of current inmates.
You can even do an inmate search by name and booking number.

You can also view someone’s charges. It’s important to know why they were in jail. What was the extent of their criminal act? Was it a felony? Could it have been a misdemeanor? Does that mean they will even be released? How high is the bond? These are all questions you might need to know the answers to if someone you care about is behind bars. It might be someone that actually hurt you. Maybe someone crashed into your vehicle while driving drunk. Are they still behind bars?

Sometimes a general check of an inmate status will ease your mind. You can also use the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office website to find out if someone you know has an arrest warrant. This information online allows you to search in a discreet manner.