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Individuals searching for information regarding about inmates within the Missoula County Detention Facility in Montana can use the Missoula County Inmate Information Portal ( There you can find information such as the current jail roster, mugshots online, an inmate search, inmate court schedule for the current date and a list of inmates who have been released.

The homepage of the Missoula County Information Portal provides three link options: Current Inmates Roter, Today’s Court Schedule and Released Inmates. Clicking the ‘current inmates roster’ link will take you to a daily jail roster of inmates currently being housed within the Missoula County Detention Facility. This list of current inmates is in alphabetical order and allows you to see who’s in jail, view someone’s charges (DUI, burglary, armed robbery, drug charges, etc.) and the level of the offense (misdemeanor or felony), their booking date and booking ID.

Clicking the button labeled ‘charges’ next to an offenders name will allow you to see when someone was booked into jail, a picture of their mugshot, the amount of their bond (if any). A disclaimer box on the left-hand side of the page states that court dates are listed at the bottom of the page but are not directly related to a specific court date. Visitors to the site are encouraged to get detailed information about inmate court dates by contacting the court directly. The roster is updated in real time, meaning once an individual is booked, their name will show up on the roster.

Clicking ‘Today’s Inmate Court Schedule’ will provide you with the names and times that inmates are scheduled to be in court. The inmate court schedule will only provide information for inmates scheduled to be in court the current date. If you want to find out information regarding inmates with court dates scheduled in the future, it is advised that you contact the court directly at (406)- 258-3470.

For information on individuals who have been released from police custody, you can click the ‘Released Inmates’ link. This page lists inmates scheduled for release in alphabetical order. Please note that the released inmate’s page only lists inmates who have been released within the last seven days. Individuals searching for information regarding inmates who were released beyond the seven day period should contact the appropriate agency. This is also the case if you would like to obtain information regarding when someone is getting out of jail as this information is not available via the inmate information portal but you can also use public records from background check companies to get these records.

One thing to keep in mind is that a recent arrest does not necessarily mean that an individual was booked into the jail. That being said, recent arrests, such as individuals arrested last night or within the past 24 hours may not show up on the daily inmate roster, as it takes time to process and book inmates. However, if you know that someone was detained and arrested last week due to an incident or an arrest warrant and they are not on the roster it could be that either they were released beyond the seven day period that shows on the ‘released inmates’ tab or that they were never booked. You can call the jail if you want to find out if someone went to jail and you are unable to find their name on the tabs provided via the website.