Find Records Fast:

El Paso County residents have access to many public criminal records online, including arrest records, misdemeanor or felony convictions, warrants, sex offender status, court records, and inmate information. However, depending on the information being requested, most requests for records under the Public Information Act must be in writing and submitted to the City Attorney’s Office.

Some public information can be found online and doesn’t require a written request to obtain. Before making a trip down to the county office, determine what information you are looking for.

What is usually included in an arrest record?

Public records are documents that aren’t considered confidential, including information on an individual’s misdemeanor, violation, and felony conviction history. Arrest records for example, will usually include police reports, interrogations, charges filed and status, fingerprints, bail, court dates, and prosecution information. However, some of this information is restricted for use only by criminal justice agencies and law enforcement, like fingerprints.

What is criminal record information used for?

Many places request criminal records to decide whether to hire a new employee, to admit a prospective student, rent out property to an individual, serve in the military, purchase a firearm, adopting or fostering children, registering to vote, etc. Having access to this information helps agencies and individuals make important decisions about a person. It’s important to check for a DUI or if you have a warrant to avoid problems when making major life-decisions. Below are some online resources where you can find record information.

El Paso County Records Search Resources

This website provides information as a public service by the El Paso County. You can search for criminal case records, civil, family and probate case records, court case dates, jail records and rail bond records. Find out if someone has a warrant, or find out if someone has been arrested here.

Look up court records and court docket on the criminal case records page. You can search by court cases, defendant, citation, attorney, case status (open-closed), date, and sort by case number, filed date, status, or defendant.

For jail inmate search, find jail records using the defendant’s name, date of birth, booking date and released date on the Jail Records page.

You can find a list of fugitives on the Top 10 Most Wanted website. You can look at mugshots of the fugitives, their names, date of birth, appearance, description of crime and status of the situation.

Use the Sex Offender Registration and Tracking page to find information on sex offender tracking and registration. Find out if someone is a registered sex offender using the Residence Map to search for registrants in your area. The map can be exported to various formats and layouts and includes address, police regions, schools, child care centers locations.

Additional Information

All official requests for reports and records must be in writing; however, you may submit your request in person, or by US mail. Do I have a warrant? Click here for more information on how to obtain a copy of a report or record.