Find Records Fast:

You’re here because you want to find out if someone got a DUI. The person may have got arrested recently and you suspect that they got a DUI. Don’t worry I will show you exactly how to find out what a person went to jail for and if it was a DUI you will know.

First, start off with a public records search at They have databases of arrest records from all across the United States that you can search instantly. So if someone recently got a DUI or has been arrested for a DUI you will find out.

You must become a member for a few dollars, but doing this will save you a lot of time and frustration if you’re trying to search multiple websites coming up empty-handed.

Once you’re in the member’s area all you have to do is search the person’s name and location.

dui search


Once you type in the person’s information that you want to find out about then you will be shown a list of results. Choose the result that best matches the person you’re looking for.

see if someone has a DUI


Once I’ve chosen the best match for the person I’m wanting to find out about then I will click view details. Once I click view details I will be taken to the person’s background report. This background report will contain the person’s criminal history, phone numbers, email addresses and other information as well.


As you can see this background report contains a lot of information about this person. It has their date of birth, age, if they are married or not, home address but most importantly their criminal history. This person’s criminal history will have recent and previous convictions. So if this person has a DUI it will be listed in the criminal records part of this background report.

Ok, so now I’ve clicked on criminal records and let’s see what we get.

convicted of a DUI


As you can see by the red arrows this person has been convicted of a DUI. The background report lists the offense, date the charges were filed, the name of the court that handled the case, offense code, case number and other personal details about the individual. So if you want to know if someone got a DUI on their record then search criminal court cases using a public records database online. This is one of the easiest ways to check a person’s rap sheet and if they have a criminal driving record such as a DWI or DUI.