Find Records Fast:

There is a substantial number of license plate searches being performed each day. Most of the time these searches are conducted to find the owner of a car or retrieve info about a suspect vehicle that may have been involved in an accident. Though trying to find registered owner of a vehicle can deem to be a bit difficult on some sites (due to issues of privacy), there is a site that may be able to help you. If you go to, you may be able to see that a license plate owner lookup is quite easy.

Using will allow you to view/do the following:
• Arrest Records
• Birth Records
• Court Records
• Criminal Records
• Criminal Wants and Arrest Warrants
• Death Records
• Divorce Records
• Jail and Inmate Records
• Marriage Records
• Police Records and Reports
• Sex Offenders
• Free People Search
• Find license plate number by name
• find out what someone’s license plate number is

Keep in mind that does not collect any personal information about the searcher (you). To find out someone’s license plate number is totally safe and confidential on this website. So, don’t worry about anyone finding out that you’ve run a search on them. There’s no way for them to find out.

Now, it is free to use in terms of finding a registered owner of a vehicle (just searching). When it comes down to viewing the report, you will be required to pay just a very small fee for a trial subscription. The site does offer a longer-term subscription of one month at a different price. Please note that you as the user will receive unlimited searches along with an unlimited viewing of reports.

How to perform your own search –

• License plate number
• Mobile device/laptop/desktop computer
• Paper/pen or pencil

Performing your own search can allow you to get just a little bit of information associated with the license plate number. Going to will allow you to see the registration date of the vehicle, the owner’s name, the vehicle’s identification number, the make of vehicle and the year.

Step 1: Visit This website may be able to offer information about the license plate number and the look up of the vehicle owner for just a very small fee. To search someone’s license plate number, go to and click where it says “Plate.” Be ready to enter the information needed.

Step 2: Enter License Plate Number. After you’ve clicked on the “Plate” tab, enter the license plate number and select the state in which the vehicle is registered. Then click “Search.” However, you won’t be able to view the person’s (vehicle owner) personal info at this stage which can include their name and address.

Step 3: Select your purpose for your search. Once you’ve clicked the search tab, you’ll need to select the purpose for your search. Whether it’s for business use, court order or even insurance purposes, you won’t be able to go any further until you do so. After you’ve done this, click view report.

When viewing the vehicle owner’s report, may provide you with the following:

• Name
• Full address
• Phone number(s)
• History of Vehicle
• Criminal records
• Civil records
• Property records
• Vital records

Please note that you do have the right to request these reports due to the information on this site being public records. This site is, in fact, a third-party site because it does get its information from other public and national databases. There is no need for you to look any further. All that you may need is on this site.