Find Records Fast:

You are here because you want to know if the man you’re dating is a married man. Or possibly, you just want to know if someone you’re crushing on is married. Don’t worry I’ll show you exactly how to find out if a man is married or not by doing a simple marital status check by name.

1.) Public Records Searches

When you gain access to public records, it will show you if he’s married or not. All marriages are licensed, and it’s public information. So here’s what you do. Go to and become a member for a few dollars and then you will gain access to the member’s area which has tons of public records organized for you.

Once you’re in the member’s area, then you will enter the person’s information in the search box like this one.

is he married or not


Now just type in the person’s name, and you will see some results. Choose the most accurate one by age, location, relatives, etc. and hit view details.

is a man married or not
Once you’ve clicked view details on the person, you’ll instantly know if he is married or not. You’ll also know the person’s household income, education, phone number, date of birth, occupation and much more. This marriage search is one of the easiest ways to find out if a man you know is married or not.

marriage report


2.) Warning Signs You’re Dating a Married Man

  • Only able to talk during odd hours. Married men often won’t talk on the phone or come around when their wife is home.
  • If you’ve been dating awhile and never met his family or close friends then beware he may be married. Married men are very selective about who they let you meet because it’s too big of a risk that they will get caught if they introduce you to the wrong person.
  • You’ve never been invited to his place. If he’s not a slob, then he doesn’t want you to see evidence of his other life.
  • He all but disappears on holidays and special events. Married men just aren’t available during these times because they can’t get away from their wives so they’ll have plenty of excuses why they can’t make it.
  • He pays in all cash. He doesn’t want a paper trail of all his transactions coming back to haunt him.
  • A married man needs to be on guard at all times in public places when he’s with another woman. He may appear distant and constantly be looking around in public when he’s with you.
  • If he’s never mentioned marriage and he has the wedding band line, then he’s hiding something.

3.) Facebook

Snoop out his profile and see if he’s in a relationship. Pretty self-explanatory. See if you can find any women that consistently tag him in photos, if he’s got kids, check photos, etc. Just snoop around. Most men should be smarter than this but believe me; most are not. If he’s on Facebook and you can gain access to his profile you can easily find out if he’s married or in a relationship.