Find Records Fast:

Background checks have gained popularity in recent times with lenders, landlords and employers topping the list of those benefiting from this service. Today, anyone can do some level of background check on anyone that they wish to check. Whether you are having a new neighbor moving to your neighborhood or you plan on hiring a contractor to work on your property, or you have a new crush, it is essential to know who you are dealing with. The best way to know a person is by getting the information from them directly. Sadly, not every person is forthcoming with information about their past, and some go to great lengths to bury their secrets.

Criminal records are public records

Lucky for you, if the person of interest has a criminal conviction or a criminal record, you can lay your hands on this information by visiting the State’s official government website where you will be able to search and find all the information you need on your person of interest. If they have a criminal record, be sure that you will find it on the website. You can find more public records on the person by visiting each state that the person has ever lived in. Additionally, you can supplement the information you got from the state’s website with what is recorded at the National Center for State Courts.

After accessing these databases, you might want to fine-tune your searches to discover the exact misdemeanor or felony that your person of interest was charged with. You can access this information by going own to the city and county levels. You should also keep an eye out for civil judgments like orders by the court to pay debts or bankruptcies.

Why Conduct Background Searches

One of the prominent reasons why people conduct background searches is to find out information about a person. If you have suspicions that your neighbor might be a serial killer, a bugler or a convicted sex offender, you can put all your worries to rest by conducting a background search through public records which will either confirm your suspicion or refute it all together. Based on the findings from your search you will be able to see the severity of the criminal charges that the person of interest was once charged with.

If you are planning on going out with someone that you have just met online, it is essential to take all precautions to protect yourself. One such way is to dig some information on the person that you are about to meet. You should not cast all care to the wind and blindly meet up with a stranger who can potentially be a convicted felon. Don’t let your relationship, crush or fling get the best of you. Always be one step ahead and seek to know who you are dating. It would be regrettable to fall in love with someone who was once convicted on serious felony charges such as domestic violence or a misdemeanor such as stalking. You wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is either a wife beater or a stalker, would you?

As a parent, you would like to know the kind of neighbors you have and to find out if your area is safe. You wouldn’t want your child to wander into the home of a pedophile or your teenage daughter dating a convicted criminal. The surest way to protect your family against outsiders is to conduct searches to see if they are good people or people who can potentially harm your family.

How to find information on a person of interest

You stand a better chance of finding accurate information about a person if you know their first and last name and their current address. You might also need information on the states that the person has lived in before moving to his or her current address. This will enable you to find details about his or her criminal history. Please note that you will not be able to access criminal records that have either been expunged or sealed by a judge.

A final thought:

In sum, free background checks are useful in the sense that they forewarn you of the people you are letting into your inner circle. You can conduct as many free background searches as you wish by clicking this link.