Find Records Fast:

Do you need information about criminal records in Fresno County, California? What type of specific information are you seeking? Are you worried about the hassle of driving to the courthouse or police department? You might believe searching for this information online is completely impossible. It is absolutely not. In fact, it’s relatively easy. Most of the information you will need concerning court records and police reports is housed online.

That makes it extra convenient for you to find out if someone has been arrested. You can find out if someone is a registered sex offender. You can look at mugshots. You can manage a jail inmate search from your office desk. You can check for a DUI if your loved one didn’t come home last night. Did they get caught drinking and driving? Are they currently housed in the Fresno County jail system?

These are all great tools for citizens to use when doing their own background checks on specific individuals. Does someone have a warrant for their arrest? Did they already get booked and thrown in jail? Was it a felony? Could it have been just a minor infraction or misdemeanor? You have many reasons to follow through after someone has made you suspicious. It just might be better to be safe than sorry.

The Superior Court of California, County of Fresno website allows you to browse and look up court records. Is it a specific court case you need details on? You can search criminal cases as well using this site.

You can find out if someone has a warrant for their arrest using this website from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department.

You can use a booking number or name to perform an inmate search for Fresno County on this page.

Sex offenders are required by law to register in this California database. You might have children or could possibly also be worried about yourself. You can find a sex offender by area or name. This could bring you some peace of mind. It might also tell you which area to steer clear of.

Valley Crime Stoppers allows you to submit tips if you have seen perpetrators. You can view the wanted subjects by utilizing this website.

You might need information from the local law enforcement or court system for a multitude of reasons. Maybe there is a new neighbor. Maybe it’s someone you are going on a first date with. Maybe you are concerned about a loved one, neighbor or co-worker. You can find court cases to see the results. You can browse a court docket to see if you have an upcoming trial. Maybe you just forget your court date. You can also find out about your own criminal issues. How does it look to other citizens who browse the information? Do I have a warrant for my arrest? What did my mugshot look like?

It’s important to be able to access the majority of this information with a few clicks. There are also contact numbers for people to call if you can’t access what you need directly.