Find Records Fast:

Is it possible to view mugshots online and find out who was arrested last night in Goodhue County? You could have every reason to want to view the Goodhue County Sheriff roster of recent arrests. The good news is most of the information you need is housed online by the Sheriff’s department here. The current list of inmates is also easily accessed. Why would you possibly need a jail roster?

Maybe it’s to find out the status of a loved one. Maybe your son, daughter or spouse is missing. They didn’t return overnight. Is it possible they were arrested last night? Were they detained for drug charges in the past 24 hours? Was it an armed robbery or a burglary? Could it have been a DUI? Did they get caught drinking and driving? Does the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Department have them in police custody? Maybe you want to also view someone’s charges. Was it a felony? Maybe it was a misdemeanor? The offense could vary depending on the nature of the crime.

You could also want to know if someone has an arrest warrant. You might need to turn yourself into the local police. Are you wanted in Minnesota for a crime?

The great news is you can find out if someone went to jail by checking the jail roster. You can see the actual time when someone was booked into jail. You can also see when someone is getting out of jail. Perhaps you need to be there when they are released. The inmate search allows you to find people specifically by name or booking number. Maybe they were arrested last week and don’t show up on the current roster. They could have already been released. Maybe you just want to see what your mugshot looked like after your arrest.

The jail roster MN list is also a PDF file. This means the jail roster list is easy to print for your own personal records. It has the list of current inmates with their respective mugshots. You can see who’s in jail and what they look like. You can also view their bail amount of projected release date. Printing these records might allow you to keep this information with you when you do have to go pick them up.

The best news is Goodhue County has the majority of information you will need to be stored online. You can browse it discreetly and from the comfort of your own.