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If you want to know “Do I have a warrant?” or if you want to find out if someone you know has a warrant then you are at the right place. You can find out if someone has a felony warrant for their arrest, misdemeanor warrant, child support warrant or failed to appear at a court date then a warrant was issued then I can help you with that. You will be able to see why someone is wanted by law enforcement officials, how long a warrant has been issued on the person or if the person has made the most wanted list in your area.

Greene County Active Warrants List

  • The generated database is updated continually and contains possible active warrants that are held by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Recent changes in the status of warrants may not be reflected. It is possible that some warrants have been resolved and the matter is no longer pending. This information is being provided as a service to the public; however, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee nor assume any liability for the accuracy of the information at the time of use.

Springfield Police Arrest Warrants

  • This is a list of Municipal Court active arrest warrants. If your name is on this list or you know the location of any listed person, please contact the Springfield Police Department at 417-864-1810 or dial 911. You may do so anonymously. DO NOT try to apprehend any person on this list. Easily find out who’s wanted in Springfield Missouri. View the warrant number, violation description, warrant type and more. Easily find out if someone has an outstanding warrant for their arrest by accessing the Springfield PD warrant database search tool online for free.

Using the resources above you can easily see who’s wanted in your area and if someone has had charges brought against them by the courts.

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