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You’re here because you want to search Harris County marriage records online. You may want to find out when someone got married or find out if someone is married in Harris County Texas. Regardless of your reason, I will show you how you can do a marriage records search for free in Harris County.

Marriage License Search

  • Search for marriage records by applicant name, date of marriage or file number. This is an easy marriage record look up where you can check someone’s marital status and find out the date a couple got married. Records are from 1947 to the present day.

Marriage License Information

Harris County Records Management Vital Statistics

  • Vital record links and resources. Links to various divorce record searches, marriage record lookups and more. This makes it easy to see if someone is divorced or if someone is still married.

Harris County District Clerk 

  • Search records and documents dating back into the 1800’s. You can search for historical marriage records and licenses.

Using the resources above you can conduct a marriage certificate and license search in Harris County Texas. You can check someone’s marital status, request a marriage record and see if someone got divorced. You can also research your family history with some of the resources above by looking at old marriage records that have been recorded many years ago. Regardless of why you’re looking for marriage records in Harris County you can easily do a lookup¬†whenever you like online for free.