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You’re here because you want to find arrest records in Hillsborough County Florida. You may have a friend or relative that you believe is in jail but you just aren’t sure. Doing an inmate search and viewing booking logs will help you to determine if someone is in jail or not. So don’t worry I will show you exactly how to find out if someone was arrested in Hillsborough County.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

  • Search for arrests by name, booking date, release date etc. You can also search for current or previous inmates. View mugshots, charges, arrest date and more.

Hillsborough County Arrest Records


Warrant For Arrest

  • See if someone has a warrant for their arrest in Hillsborough County Florida. Search by warrant number, name, and date of birth. Makes it very easy to see if you have a warrant or if someone you know is wanted by the police.

Current Inmate List

  • Search for people that are currently incarcerated in Hillsborough County. See what they were arrested for, when they are expected to be released and more.

Hillsborough County Florida Records and Reports 

  • View various court records online.

City of Tampa Arrest Inquiry 

  • The Sheriffs Office provides arrest inquiries online for Hillsborough County.

Arrest Records Appearing on the Sheriff Website

  • How to correct Identity theft, how to correct errors, how to seal records and how to obtain final dispositions. Mugshots 

  • View mugshots of people who were booked in the last 24hours in Hillsborough County Florida.

With the resources above you will be able to find out if someone got arrested in Tampa Florida and other parts of Hillsborough County. You can view booking logs, do inmate searches and find out who is in jail in Hillsborough County Florida. You will be able to look at a person’s charges, see when they go to court and see if it’s a felony or misdemeanor charge. These searches make it very easy to find the information you are looking for.